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Radiochirurgia uses the latest treatments and technologies to give patients the best possible oncology treatment and care


Radiochirurgia Zagreb is a private clinic that specialises in diagnosing, treating and screening for cancer. Using the most advanced imaging and treatment equipment, the clinic offers care by a team of Croatian and international medical experts with decades of experience in tumour treatment techniques.

For patients who are worried about symptoms, looking for specialist radiosurgical management, or wanting an expert second opinion, Radiochirugia Zagreb offers the latest investigations, therapy and a high-tech operating room for hybrid surgery.  

Radiochirurgia Zagreb

Radiochirurgia Zagreb provides quality imaging in state-of-the-art radiology suites. The latest MRI, CT and ultrasound scanning, together with expert radiology analysis, help the specialists accurately diagnose cancer, stage the disease, identify any spread and make a personalised treatment plan. The clinic can also use imaging to help doctors precisely take samples from a tumour. The biopsies can then be examined under the microscope by the pathology specialists in the clinic’s laboratory.

The best way to cure cancer is by identifying it early and giving effective specialist treatment. Radiochirurgia Zagreb offers tests for the early detection of the most common types of cancers, including lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. Screening tests are recommended for people who may be at increased risk of developing disease. This includes people in certain age groups, those with a family history of cancer, smokers and people with pre-existing conditions. 

Radiochirurgia Zagreb

The clinic offers a number of screening procedures such as virtual colonoscopy, breast MRI scanning and early lung cancer detection by CT scan using ultra low dose of radiation.  Radiochirurgia Zagreb can also provide whole body screening to exclude the presence of tumours.

The clinic specialises in radiotherapy and radiosurgery. There is a cutting edge Varian Edge suite for high-precision radiosurgery treatments, a non-invasive alternative to conventional surgery. The clinic provides each patient with an individual approach, expert care and support during the duration of the treatment programme.

Radiochirurgia Zagreb

Radiotherapy uses targeted X-ray radiation to kill cancer cells so that the tumour shrinks or stops growing. Radiosurgery uses high-intensity beams to reach parts of the body that cannot be accessed by a surgeon’s scalpel. The beams can be targeted with pinpoint accuracy, reducing the risk of damaging healthy tissue or leaving diseased cells behind. This innovative technique was originally used to treat brain and spinal tumours. Now, radiosurgery can be used to treat cancers almost anywhere in the body, including lungs, prostate, and liver. It is typically most suitable for early stage cancers, and small metastases. However, radiosurgery can also be useful for patients who are too unwell to cope with extensive surgery and a general anaesthetic.

Using the latest equipment and technology, the clinic’s staff aim to discover cancers early and treat them effectively. However, they are also experienced in dealing with the treatment of advanced and metastatic forms of cancer, using a combination of radiosurgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy to improve survival.

Radiochirurgia Zagreb, Sveta Nedelja, Dr. Franjo Tuđman St. 4 T. +385 1 400 8050. Mon-Fri 8:00-20:00.

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