Reunited: Festival of Hip Hop Culture

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Reunited: Festival of Hip Hop Culture
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Five day festival exploring hip hop culture and each of its four pillars - DJing, MCing, graffiti and b-boying

Since its late '70s beginnings, deep within the residential areas of New York City's black neighbourhoods, hip hop has grown to become a huge, multi-billion dollar industry and a culture of global significance. Hip hop has replaced rock music as the highest selling genre of music and its industry now includes clothing brands, some of the best and most expensive music videos ever made, articulating lifestyles and opinions that are sometimes realistic, but these days more often aspirational, to a youth who seem perpetually fascinated by what the genre has to say.

A new five-day exhibition, 'Reunited - Festival of Hip Hop' culture, turns back the clock on what hip hop is today. Concentrating on its fundamental roots, the event, which takes place across several Zagreb venues, but is centred around Medika, will showcase hip hops four fundamental pillars; DJing, MCing (rapping), b-boying (breakdancing) and graffiti.

The festival begins on Tuesday 18 September and workshops for all four disciplines will take place during the first two days. On its opening day, there will also be a screening of 1983 cult graffiti documentary 'Style Wars' at 21.30 with a screening of 'Style Wars 2' taking place on the following night.

Further workshops take place on Thursday 20 September and in the evening there will be an opening of a new photography-based hip hop exhibition, with a live performance attached. Friday 21st's 'Gray Sketch Battle', taking place at 20.00 will see 16 contestants compete against each other and the clock, drawing sketches for a maximum of three minutes with the subject matter being presented randomly. Judges will choose a winner, but the audience is invited to sway their choices with shouts of approval. At 22.30 there will be a showcase of young MC talent, followed by live shows by more established performers including  Green Hill & Ironworx from Sisak and Krug, Suicidal and Lobje from Zagreb.

On Saturday 22 September there will be an all afternoon graffiti jam with a b-boy jam also taking place from 17.00. At 20.00, the event's annual forum, this year discussing old vs new, will hold on its panel MCs Saša from TBF and Tibor, b-boys El Rock and Mariano, DJs Phat Phillie and Noki Nole and writers ManeMei and Seick. The festival ends with Saturday's club night, which will feature sets from Siky from Vinkovci, Žuvi from Split, Mrigz n Ghet from Valenje in Slovenia, Inkognito Popara from Zagreb, Mlata Sick Touch from Belgrade, Serbia and Jantar from Ivanec who will perform alongside guests.

For individual venue details, event times and other details, please check the event page.