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Treating the whole person

Podobnik is one of Croatia's safest hospitals, with specialised options for managing your pregnancy and birth.


Podobnik offers women a high level of private obstetric and gynaecology care both in hospital and as outpatients. The hospital was founded in 2008 by Professor Mario Podobnik PhD, a specialist in women’s health with over 40 years of experience in the field. Today the expert medical team is led by clinic director Professor Slava Podobnik Šarkanji and consists of 19 doctors, including specialists in obstetrics and gynaecology, fetal medicine, human reproduction, urogynecology, paediatrics and anaesthetists, 28 nurses, and ten technicians.

Laboratory for medical fertilisation /  © Podobnik Private Hospital

The gynaecology department offers all types of gynecological surgery in two modern and well-equipped operating theatres. Frequently performed procedures include vaginal and abdominal hysterectomies, surgical procedures for the treatment of incontinence, minor surgery for abnormal findings found on cervical screening and laparoscopy.

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used to discover the cause of pelvic pain, investigate fertility issues and treat gynaecological problems including endometriosis and ovarian cysts. It’s a ‘keyhole’ procedure, which speeds-up operative recovery, reduces complications and allows patients to have a shorter hospital stay.

Endoscopy Operation / © Podobnik Private Hospital

The specialists at Podobnik are expert in treating incontinence and repairing prolapse, both common problems in women, especially after the menopause. The surgeons use the latest procedures, materials and techniques. Slings can be inserted to support the urethra and maintain urinary continence. The procedure is minimally invasive so that patients can leave the clinic the following day. The results are very satisfactory, with over eight out of ten properly-selected patients having improved continence ten years after surgery.

The specialist consultant gynaecologists and embryologists at the Podobnik Hospital are skilled in diagnosing any fertility issues, treating problems and supporting patients through medically assisted conception, if needed. The experienced team of gynaecologists have assisted with more than 5,000 reproductive procedure cycles.

The clinic places special emphasis on co-operating and communicating with patients. Investigations and treatments take place in the calm, comfortable atmosphere of the clinic. The procedures are performed quickly and efficiently, to minimise any stress to the couple, and emotional and psychological support is provided throughout.

Labour room / © Podobnik Private Hospital

The Podobnik maternity unit is furnished to accommodate all types of deliveries from water births to elective Caesarean sections. All patients are accommodated in one-bed suites with an extra bed available for a birth partner or other family member. Every suite has a bathroom, air-conditioning, telephone, fridge, LCD TV, DVD, radio, and wi-fi.

There are three delivery rooms, equipped with birthing pools, stools and tables, enabling delivery in many different positions of delivery. Painless delivery is possible with the administration of epidural anaesthesia. There is access to an up-to-date operating room for delivery by planned or emergency Caesarean section using administration general or spinal anaesthetic.

Podobnik Maternity and Gynaecology Clinic, Sveti Duh 112, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia. 01 639 8001. podobnik@podobnik.hr. www.podobnik.hr.

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