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Akromion is the largest private orthopaedic hospital in Croatia


Covering 2000 square meters, spread over three floors, the Akromion Special Hospital is the largest privately-owned orthopaedic hospital in the Republic of Croatia. It offers cutting-edge care in a comfortable environment. 

Following a total renovation and the opening of a new surgical department, there are now three operating theatres and a recovery room, all equipped with the latest medical technology. The leading surgeons perform around 1300 surgical procedures every year. Together with expert anaesthetists, radiologists, nurses and physiotherapists they work to ensure patients have successful surgery and a smooth recovery. 

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The wards are a home from home. They offer hotel-quality comfort with en-suite bathrooms and toilets, TV and internet access in each room. Patients can choose between single and double rooms, or opt for a larger suite in which to recuperate.

The hospital provides management for chronic joint problems and treats acute trauma and fractures. From arthroscopy to arthroplasty, the orthopaedic surgeons investigate and treat bone and joint pain and problems caused by injury, arthritis and overuse. 

High-quality imaging ensures accurate diagnosis, so that the right treatment can be planned. There’s a new diagnostic radiology centre, with the latest MRI scanning, digital X-ray and ultrasound, that offers the highest standard of bone and joint imaging in Croatia.

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The surgical team have experience and expertise in spinal surgery, operations for bunions, corrective surgery for fracture malunion and the release of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Joint replacements, both primary and revision, are among the hospital’s most frequently performed operations. The prosthesis is chosen to suit each patient, taking age, activity and the level of joint damage into account.  Surgery followed by a customised rehabilitation programme can swiftly ease pain and restore mobility. An orthopaedic surgeon and physiotherapist monitor progress and pain until patients are back on their feet. 

Arthroscopy, a form of ‘keyhole’ surgery, is used to investigate and treat injuries and abnormalities in the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder and elbow. Cartilage tears can be tidied up, damaged tissue can be removed and torn ligaments can be replaced. Minimally invasive procedures, like arthroscopy, are often performed as day surgery. The patient is admitted on the morning of the operation and is fit for discharge on the same day; post-operative downtime is shorter and recovery is quicker.

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The Akromion Hospital has received international recognition of its quality by Global Clinic Rating. With high grades in orthopaedics and radiology, it was the best-ranked orthopaedic institution in Croatia and one of the best orthopaedic centres in the world.  

Hospital Krapinske Toplice, Ljudevita Gaja 2, 49217 Krapinske Toplic. +385 49 587 487. 

Polyclinic Zagreb, Frana Vrbanića 26, 10000 Zagreb. +385 1 6445 820.

Split outpatient clinic, S. S. Kranjčevićeva 45, 21000 Split. +385 21 252 255.

Zadar outpatient clinic, Kolovare 9A, 23000 Zadar.+385 23 231 999.

Bizovac outpatient clinic, Sunčana 39, 31222 Bizovac. +385 31 685 182

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