Time Out Croatia is becoming Time In Croatia

A message to our readers

Written by
Anja Mutić

At Time Out Croatia we’re dedicated to bringing you cream-of-the-crop events, happenings, hideaways and “it” spots to be. Our editorial team is always on the lookout for ways to inspire and get you out and about exploring all corners of Croatia, from those secret ones to bucket-list spots the country has in spades. Basically, we curate the coolest of Croatia.

Almost overnight, all has changed. Due to the Coronavirus crisis that has swept the globe, the world is suddenly a different place. Like many other countries in Europe and worldwide, Croatia is hunkering down, with schools and universities closed, events being cancelled or postponed by the minute, major cultural institutions shutting their doors, and even some hotels temporarily suspending operations. In an effort to contain the virus through social distancing, Croatia is being called on to stay in.

Now, what does Time Out Croatia do when suddenly – and counter-intuitively – it becomes “in” to stay in? Find creative ways of weathering this storm. We won’t let cabin fever (with, hopefully, no “real” fever) stop us from seeking out heart-warming tales, smile-inducing stories and spirit-lifting yarns taking place across Croatia during this difficult time.

Even in a time of crisis, life is happening, seasons are changing, flowers abloom and with a little shift in perspective, you can always find beauty somewhere. So, since we’re all in this together, let’s look for the silver lining. We’d love to hear from you. Write to us at hello@timeoutcroatia.com, sharing ways you’re keeping uplifted while grounded, memories of past trips to Croatia that remain etched in your mind, bright initiatives you’ve got intel on (like community-organised food deliveries to the elderly), ideas on how to help tourism in Croatia bounce back once all this is over (for it sure will need help) or anything you want us to know and pass on. Let’s hang out as we hang in – and hang on, tight.

This, too, shall pass and we’ll be out and about again soon enough. In the meantime, stay well.

Onwards and upwards,
Anja Mutic (editor-in-chief) & the entire Time Out Croatia team

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