1. Aerial view in Croatia.
    @ Neonshot Island hopping by car is just as rewarding as by boat
  2. Aerial view of Dubrovnik bridge - entrance to the city
    @ Birute Vijeikiene Southern Croatian road trips end at Dubrovnik bridge, the city's grand entrance
  3. Aerial View of road near blue sea and green mountain in summer Croatia.
    @ Ekaterina Kondratova You can't go wrong with a drive down Croatia's iconic coastal road known as 'Jadranska Magistrala'
  4. Aerial view of the Croatian coast. Road that runs along the sea
    @ Vampy1Lovely land on one side, stunning sea on the other
  5. Aerial view of the mountain road in Croatia
    @ Olexey NikonchukThe hilly paths of the Velebit mountain range are magical
  6. Aerial view on bridge above sea in Dalmatia region
    @ Ievgenii Biletskyi Boats and cars meet at many of Croatia's coastal bridges
  7. Bridge to Krk Island at sunset, Kvarner region
    @ Frank FischbachA sunset - the perfect top off for a road trip to Krk island
  8. Croatian island of Krk with the mainland
    @ Mykhaylo Feshchur Adriatic sea gleams through your left-side window, mainland Krk through your right
  9. Croatian roads with a amazing sea view
    @ Time OutPro tip: hidden beaches can be discovered along seaside roads
  10. Gradina Korenička, Croatia
    @ Taneli LahtinenThe Lika region is sure to delight on any road trip from inland Croatia to the coast
  11. Sunset in croatian highway
    @ David Boca At sunset, the highways empty out as the skies light up
  12. Adriatic (Jadranska) magistrala
    @ Zrinka MačekThe wonderfully winding roads of Dalmatia
  13. Island of Pag (route to a ferry - D106)
    @ Rajko Peranić (Drive with me Zvonimir Jurčić)Pag island's stretching moonscape can be seen panoramically by car
  14. Road near Jasenice, Zadar County
    @ Jeswin ThomasZadar County is rife with picture-perfect road trip photo ops
  15. Traveling in sunset on the mountain road, Dalmatian coast
    @ Natalia BratslavskyThe sea peeks out of almost every main road on the Dalmatian coast
  16. Unnamed Road near Biljevine, Croatia
    @ Taneli LahtinenLika-Senj County, much of it forested, has a delightfully rocky side too
  17. Unnamed road, Gorići, Croatia
    @ Taneli LahtinenMany of Croatia's roads evoke a feeling of peace
  18. Scenic coastal road under Velebit mountains on Dalmatian coast
    @ Natalia Bratslavsky Crossing the Velebit mountain range garners an ocean-view reward
  19. Makarska Riviera coast summer view with Adriatic Highway (Jadranska magistrala)
    @ Yuriy Brykaylo The must-see Makarska riviera is a key part of any coastal road trip
  20. Sunset from Hreljin. Bakar and Rijeka on the background, Croatia
    @ Jiri DoležalThis view awaits on a road trip to Rijeka, peeking out from the background
  21. Highway
    @ Davor Šopar Croatia's main highway, A1, promises pretty panoramas
  22. Road to Sutivan, Island of Brač
    @ Flickr (RAW Community)Why not road trip around an island like beautiful Brač?
  23. The road at sunset. View from the car
    @ NadtochiySome sunsets simply require a photo-op stop
  24. Way to the ferry on the island Rab
    @ Valery Shanin
  25. Moon road, Island of Pag
    @ PinterestScenic drives across Pag island can't be missed
  26. Road near Ostrovica
    @ ChPflügl Villages slightly inland from the Dalmatian coast, like Ostrovica (pictured), are delightful discoveries
  27. Krka National Park, Lozovac, Croatia @ Jack Woodward
    @ Jack WoodwardSnaking streets lead to the lovely Krka National Park
  28. Aerial view of mountain road near the turquoise sea in summer Croatia.
    @ Ekaterina KondratovaCoastal summer road trips include many shades of green, along with the Adriatic's blues
  29. Travelling on south on motorway A1 called Dalmatina
    @ Time OutMountain marvels surround many of Croatia's roadways
  30. Croatia. Aerial view on road in the forest. Highway throu the forest and sea coast. View from a drone. Natural landscape in summer time from air. Travel - image
    @ Ievgenii Biletskyi Some of the best Croatian nature can be seen by car
  31. A new road on a mountain slope on the coast
    @ Artur NykMountain slope roads seem surreal
  32. Island of Hvar
    @ Ante Kante Hvar island road trips are made even better by vintage car
  33. Gorski Kotar
    © TotalnoThe gorgeous roads of the Gorski Kotar region showcase mountains and lakes
  34. Pull over and bungee jump at Šibenski most on your coastal stretch
    © Lara RasinWhy not pull over and bungee jump? Šibenski bridge is a great spot to do so
  35. Slavonia
    © Ivo Biočina / Croatian National Tourist BoardGolden Slavonian fields surround Croatia's easternmost roads
  36. Dubrovnik
    © Joseph CostaThe bridge crossing to Dubrovnik shows the best of both worlds, mountain and sea
  37. Lika
    © Lara RasinWinding up Velebit means unobstructed views of the landscape below
  38. Molve
    © Branimir BalogovicA northern Croatian road trip mandates lovely crossings over the Drava and Sava rivers
  39. Međimurje
    © Međimurska ŽupanijaMeđimurje, Croatia's northernmost region, promises an unforgettable road trip
  40. Road trip
    © Time OutEndless vineyards flank the wine roads of Pelješac, a peninsula in Dubrovnik-Neretva County

In pictures: Road trip across Croatia in 40 photos

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Written by
Daniel Bracun
Lara Rasin

Renting a car during your Croatian vacation is the perfect way to discover the country's hidden secrets and experience its vast landscapes. Head on a virtual tour, or plan a future journey, with our gallery of 40 photos showcasing Croatia's most beautiful road trips.


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