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There are those who believe this classy steakhouse to be the finest restaurant in the city (admittedly, they are almost always pinstriped men d'un certain âge with a no-nonsense approach to dining out). They are, of course, quite wrong. It's just that, when you actually sit down and sink your teeth into one of Shanahan's 12oz filet mignons, all of the reasons why those people are so sorely misguided seem to kind of evaporate from your mind. And all that remains is a dreamlike state of steak-induced shangri-la. Could it be because the meat is perfectly aged, perfectly cut and cooked at scientifically calculated temperatures in state-of the art broilers? Or is it because the surroundings are so slick (the chandeliers, the gilt mirrors, the presidential Oval Office bar)? Or perhaps it's the side orders of exquisite creamed spinach and heart-stopping dauphinoise? Maybe it's the vast and high-rolling wine list. The truth is, no one really knows. The easiest thing to do is just repeat to yourself as often as is necessary: Shanahan's is not the best restaurant in Dublin, Shanahan's is not the best restaurant in Dublin…

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119 St Stephen's Green West

Area Temple Bar

Transport All cross-city buses/Luas St Stephens Green

Telephone 407 0939

Shanahan's website

Open 6-9.45pm Mon-Thur; 6-10.30pm; 12.30-2pm Fri-Sun.

Main courses €41-€55.