Four new art exhibitions to get your February Israeli culture fix

Winter blew in more than just the cold weather. Break away from the outdoors with these four new art exhibitions

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Congratulations! You successfully managed to hit up all four of January's newest Israeli art exhibitions as per our suggestions. It’s time to keep that streak going with another full dose of International and Israeli art appreciation. This hodgepodge of galleries and museums in Israel have curated incredibly unique new exhibitions for your enjoyment. From tributes to legendary musicians in Ramat Aviv to slightly creepy doll showcases and a deconstruction of portraiture in Jaffa, we’ve got the goods on the must-see winter exhibitions. Tackle the February fab four before we come out with a brand new batch in March.

Get your Israeli culture fix with these exhibitions

Controlled chaos, 'Wild Frontiers'

Amir H. Fallah explores the boundaries of portraiture in his newest exhibit, Wild Frontiers – this February at the New Gordon Gallery.

By: Jennifer Greenberg

Barbies be gone! - revisiting childhood at the ‘Dolls Art’ exhibition in Jaffa

No matter how old, when we hear the word ‘doll’, we automatically travel back to the times of ridiculously disproportionate blonde plastic Barbies and rows of glassy eyed Alexanders perched on shelves too high to reach. ‘Dolls Art’ strives to throw these normative associations right out the window. For the third year in a row, the contemporary doll art and figurative sculpture exhibit at the Old Jaffa Museum will showcase wild and wonderful dolls handmade from a range of mediums and materials that blend traditional craftwork with visual artistry.

By: Jennifer Greenberg

The wandering troubadour

Bob Dylan is a man of many layers. Throughout his life, he has taken on many personas: folk singer, rock star, radio personality, lover, family man, Jew, poet, painter, legend. Peeling away at those layers reveals the true depth of his personas. Here lies the mission of Amitai Achiman and Asaf Galay, exhibition curators of Forever Young – Bob Dylan at 75.

By: Jennifer Greenberg
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