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Time Out London published their "100 best restaurants" list and guess which Israeli restaurant was rated #1?

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Time Out Israel Writers
This weekend, Time Out London posted their "100 best restaurants" list and surprise, surprise, the number one slot was captured by an Israeli-born establishment.
Celebrity Chef Assaf Granit, the culinary mastermind behind Jerusalem's esteemed Machneyuda and the internationally acclaimed  Palomar, takes the cake with his London restaurant, The Barbary. Here's what Time Out London had to say about the top-rated restaurant:
Price: Mid-range
When to go: It’s most fun at dinner, but you do need to go early to get a seat – try 5pm on a rainy Tuesday (not a Monday, when it’s closed).
What to have: Anything from the tandoor (such as the naan bread) or the grill (such as the charred octopus, which is the best in London).
It’s not possible to have a bad time at The Barbary. Sure, you’ll probably have to queue, but even that’s tolerable, because then you get to feast on moreish deep-fried snacks (like the Moroccan cigars) that don’t appear on the main menu. If the queue is huge and spills out and over the door sill, then you get to hang out in Neal’s Yard, one of London’s loveliest hidden courtyards. The food is labelled as ‘modern Israeli’, though in truth, it’s anything but. What they’ve done is taken the ancient recipes from across North Africa (from the one-time Barbary Coast) and the Middle East that have gone on to influence food in today’s Israeli kitchen, then reimagined them for 2016. The smoky room is stuffed full of music, laughter and people that are beautiful in the best way: inside and out.
Check out the full review HERE.

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