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Wellness hot spots take over Tel Aviv

“It does a body good." Treat your body well at these superfood locales turning the White City green

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Eating clean has never been easier with the onslaught of superfood-filled foodie options that are currently taking over Tel Aviv. From detoxing juice cleanses, healing plant-based meals, herbal tonics and ready-made wellness boosts, the White City has truly gone green. Jump on the wellness wagon with these superfood hot spots taking over Tel Aviv.

Eat well, feel well, be well at these Tel Aviv hot spots


Urban Shaman

There is a good reason why Telavivians look so good. With a 10-month-long beach and surf season in Israel, locals are always looking for new ways to improve their diet and exercise routines, to balance out the stressful work hours and crazy nightlife. Following the trend is naturopath and wellness consultant Udi Sahar, and his super stylish juice cleanse delivery business called the Urban Shaman. ‘We deliver organic freshly pressed juices using state-of-the-art cold pressed technology’ says Udi. The first group detox program started after he came back to Tel Aviv after an 18-months trip around California, Mexico and Peru. Shortly after the first program, the following groups filled up by word of mouth and Udi’s team is now running cleanses almost every week. The detox has been conceptualized to fit your daily routine, as clients can sign up online and get their juices delivered to their home or work address. That way, there’s no need to get out of the house or follow a recipe, all the juices are prepped for you. Along with a daily delivery of food and pressed juices, the Urban Shaman offers online support for those embarking on the rewarding but challenging cleanse. When signing up, you can look forward to the Ultimate Green juice, an organic cold pressed juice made from leafy greens, apples, lemon and ginger. And for an interesting twist, look out for the spicy lemonAID, which blends turmeric, cayenne pepper and maple syrup with tangy lemons. Each cleans last 5 days from Sunday to Thursday, and you can sign up by sending a Facebook message or an email to the Urban Shaman himself. If getting your fill online is simply not enough, Urban Sham just opened up a brick and mortar Tel Aviv pop-up shop to suit all of your cleansing needs - up close and personal.

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White City


Google “future of food” and you’re bound to see a plethora of articles and newsworthy stories describing plant-based restaurants. Today, culinary heavyweights in the likes of Jose Andreas, are opening plant-based restaurants from San Francisco, to Toronto, to Paris in what is sure to be a force that takes over the culinary world. Now Tel Aviv can proudly say that they join the ranks of a plant-based movement with an exemplary team leading the way. Dan Arvatz, a gastronomic pistol, joins culinary forces Ben Rothschild, Chanoch Schecter and Donna Yarzin to bring Bana, a splendid meeting point of design, atmosphere, and extraordinary food. Applying a keen understanding of technique, precision and application, this restaurant proves that plants can do anything meat does, and perhaps even more.

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White City

Superfood Boutique

If you’re looking for a place to recharge and fill your body with nutritious and clean food, look no further. Superfood Boutique is here taking the principles of the clean eating method to recharge the city’s batteries. Entrepreneur Doshi Leitersdorf collaborated with naturopath Avivit Cohen to bring vegan friendly dishes free from any heating, preservatives, stabilizers or artificial ingredients. Salads, wraps, smoothies and smoothie bowls filled with power house ingredients such as legumes, nuts, fruits and vegetables fill the menu to provide a much-needed respite in the heart of the city. Complete with environmentally friendly packaging, this is food that nurtures the mind, body and soul.

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White City

Cafe Levinksy 41

Levinsky Market has always been an eclectic area full of little stores offering spices, specialty cheese, nuts, dried fruits, and olives. An abundance of bright colors, aromas, and flavors capture any pedestrians’ attention, and yet the white 1975 Susita Gilboa filled with baskets of pineapple sage, mint, lavender, rosemary and heaps of other locally foraged herbs is bound to get noticed. Next to the car sits a small kiosk filled with jar after jar of fermented drinks, homemade liqueurs, and pickled vegetables and on any given day behind the bar stands the bright faced, moustached owner, Benny Briga, pouring one of his many devoted customers a tailor made soda drink mixed with a variety of herbs, jams and spices. As customers approach his kiosk to look for a refreshing beverage, Briga gets to work like a mad scientist to create a beverage that provides a sensory pleasure or relieves a number of aches and ailments. Briga, a twenty year veteran of the Tel Aviv restaurant industry, learned about food through his Libyan and Turkish roots. He began his small kiosk serving coffee and later decided to bring his passion for gardening, foraging and fermentation into the local culture of sparkling soda drinks. Benny’s approach to his beverages is based on his passion for understanding the cycles of fruits, vegetables, fungi and herbs, therefore he creates drinks that are both beneficial and beautiful. Along with beverages, Benny uses his knowledge of food to create a number of homemade

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Shuk Levinsky

Uzi Eli Etrog Man

Hailing from Yemen and deriving knowledge rooted in the philosophy of descendant Maimonides who once explained that the word “etrog” comes from the Aramaic root rgg “a thing of beauty and pleasant to look at,” 73 year old Uzi Eli has been continuing the family legacy of a long lineage of healers and alternative medicine experts since making Aliyah in 1949. Acquiring the knowledge about the healing properties of etrog, a type of citron cultivated throughout the Mediterranean, and a vast variety of herbs, fruits and spices, Uli Ezi and his family settled in Moshav Eshtaol where they began growing the ingredients for their natural remedies. In 2003, Uzi Eli opened his first formal shop in Machne Yehuda to share his selection of healing juices and skin care products, most made with etrog, yet all created after years of study and experimentation. Today, Uzi Eli has passed on the torch to his son and daughter Or and Mayaan who have since spearheaded the first etrog medicine store in Tel Aviv, located at the head of the Carmel Market. If there was ever a better model for the potency of the etrog, it’s evident in Or and Maayan’s glowing skin and radiant smiles as they prepare custom juices to heal any symptom including stress, anxiety, depression or muscle aches.  If you are in a rush, there is a selection of ready-made juices including the famous etrog, gat and grapefruit juice which people swear by for its powers in giving a major energy boost and promoting fertility.

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Shuk  HaCarmel
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