These Haifa museums are open and free to the public on Israel Independence Day

Celebrate Independence Day with a little bit of culture

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We know, we know. Why would you want to be indoors when there are hundreds of Independence Day parties happening all around Israel? While Tel Aviv street parties are all the rave, Haifa reminds locals and tourists alike that there is more to celebrate than goldstar and Tubi chasers. On May 2, starting at 10:00 am, Haifa’s most culturally diverse museums in Israel will be open to the public for (almost) free. Even the few places that charge NIS 10, are well worth the chump change. Take the morning to appreciate some can always get drunk later.

Haifa museums to visit this Independence Day


Hermann Struck Museum

The museum showcases the work of one of the last century’s foremost printmakers, Hermann Struck, while trying to recreate the spirit and atmosphere of where he worked and lived. The space itself fuses European and Oriental elements like painted floors and arched windows and features furniture painted by the artist.

Wadi Salib

Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art

Nestled between tall bamboo, this museum is dedicated to art from the Land of the Rising Sun, showcasing a broad cross-section of both traditional and modern Japanese prints and paintings. Due to the delicate nature of Japanese craftsmanship, which is sensitive to light and weather, exhibits change frequently.


National Maritime Museum

Dedicated to shipping on the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the banks of the Nile, the museum’s permanent exhibition showcases everything from maritime art to mythology of the sea. Sea lovers will fawn over the impressive collection of model ships, underwater archaeological discoveries like coins, seals, and clay vessels.


Haifa Museum of Art

Haifa Museum is located in an historic 1930s building at the axis connecting Haifa’s Muslim, Christian, and Jewish neighborhoods. Three floors display works by artists from Israel and the world, including Daumier, Chagall, Chana Orloff, and Andre Masson as well as temporary exhibitions and video installations.


Mané-Katz Museum

Located in the home of Mané Katz, one of the most important artists of the Paris School in the early 20th century, the museum offers a grand view of the Haifa Bay. Its collection consists of hundreds of Katz’s oil paintings, gouache, pastels, sketches, and sculptures.


Haifa City Museum

The Haifa City Museum, located among the impressive Templar buildings of the city's German Quarter, primarily addresses history, urban life, identity, and multinationality. Exhibitions deal with issues of relevance to Haifa's diverse population, tracing its development from the Ottoman period until today.

The Lower City
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