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The Israel jazz and blues scene

Check out these spots for the hottest jazz and blues around. From muddy waters to bebop, these venues have got it all

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Whether you’re a secret jazz era flapper seeking music to accompany your Tel Aviv nightlife inspired moonshine, or looking to release those winter blues, Israel’s got just the thing. From daily jazz events at the Tel Aviv Port to Jerusalem nightlife’s famous club, Yellow Submarine, to less traditional Israel jazz and blues venues like an ice cream parlour by the Carmel Market, not a day goes by in the Holy Land without the sweet notes of an alto saxophone ringing through the Middle Eastern air. Marvel at the dexterity of famous jazz musicians as they conquer rhythm changes with a vengeance, join in on a 12-bar blues or just enjoy the atmosphere, anything is possible with our guide to the best places to enjoy jazz and blues in Israel. There's nothing like live music to liven your mood. 

The hottest Israel jazz and blues venues



The same spot that reverberates with the exuberant tones of veteran jazz and blues artists like Lazer Lloyd, also resonates with the funk, ethno-jazz and hip-hop tapestry so many Tel Aviv musicians are known for. Grab a trumpet and toot your own horn because this little gem at the heart of Tel Aviv’s port is open seven days a week.

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Tel Aviv Port

Yellow Submarine

Whatever genre of music tickles your fancy, or your ears, or your feet – Yellow Submarine is the place to indulge in all of those musical pleasures. From jazz to funk to rock or folk, Yellow Submarine offers a performance stage, a sitting and standing area and a fully equipped bar. The sound is sublime too.

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Arte Glideria

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.” Pop into Arte Glideria and treat yourself to this Sicilian slice of heaven on Nachalat Binyamin. Arte Glideria’s staff are wonderfully friendly, and, if you can catch them at the right moment, are keen to show you their “laboratory”” at the back of the shop where they concoct their signature flavors. Staff picks are “Marco’s cake,” a creamy base topped with fruit coulis and rich almond crumble, their Mojito Granita, made in true Sicilian fashion by reducing the temperature of the ingredients to produce a snow-like texture, plus an array of vegan water-based flavors.

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Nachalat Binyamin


For the ever-picky jazz enthusiast who just so happens to be a foodie as well, Birman fuses Middle Eastern bar food together with unusually delicious cocktails. Step into a world of connoisseurs and collaborations, ragtime, funk, soul and blues—an endless well of musical and nightlife gifts.

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Jerusalem City Center


Bar-Giyora is a part of the bustling Dizengoff nightlife scene. The venue features a beautiful internal open air terrace, a trendy bar and an Indie concert venue that draws locals to it like a magnet. An intimate concert venue hosting bands nonstop, get cozy and come early because you don't want to miss a show at this venue.

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Tel Aviv City Center


What used to be the old Maxim Theater has now been transformed into a colorful underground club with a modest yet vibrant atmosphere. The club is known to attract a range of party-goers: from the extreme neon makeup-wearing clubbers, to curious out-of-towners. You can count on cutting edge music that sweeps across the musical room of deep house, progressive trance and techno.

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Tel Aviv City Center

Eli’s Pub

Jet down the Downtown’s newly renovated Natanzon/Yafo street to this classic Haifa live music establishment of 13 years, Eli’s Pub. With a full agenda of weekly jazz and blues jam sessions, often including owner Eli Ifrach himself, and live band concerts (both acoustic and non), this warm neighborhood pub is the place to move and feel the rhythm with soulful Haifa music lovers. Check their Facebook page for the daily schedule, or peer though the bar’s window as you pass by to get a sample of what’s being performed on the stage.

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The Lower City

The Space

From the moment you enter through the giant, colourful doors marked 'Kartel', you know you've entered into a different realm. The music is always popping; with techno, house, hip-hop, and electronic disco on typical nights -- plus a weekly Jazz night, get dancing because 'there's no space like home'. On top of great music, The Space offers shareable munchies, stellar mojitos (from classic to more adventurous options like coconut and pineapple), and even houses a quaint art gallery in the back. Come for the music, stay for the hipster vibes. 

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Shuk  HaCarmel
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