A day-to-day guide to the best underground clubs in Tel Aviv

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days, Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days...
© David Benardete 6:45 am @ The Block

Tel Aviv's underground scene has no less to offer than Berlin's. In fact, when quality music, quality DJs, quality people, and quality clubs come together, the outcome is always electric. If you're a techno lover, then this list is for you. Luckily, the city that never sleeps has something to offer EVERYDAY! Give these clubs a spin. We promise you won't be bored any night.

A day-to-day guide to the best underground clubs in Tel Aviv

© Maor Gozlan
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Monday - Sputnik

icon-location-pin White City

Every monday night, Sputnik puts on a shameless party. The party line is called "People are Strange" and it is definitely the best party you can find on a monday night. If you haven't been there before, don't forget to check out the inside area even if the patio is attractive AF.

Breakfast Club
Courtesy of PR
Nightlife, Late-night bars

Tuesday - Breakfast Club

icon-location-pin White City

Breakfast Club is open nearly everyday and considered one of the most intense clubs on the scene; thus, for techno lovers, one of the best clubs in Tel Aviv. What's special about Tuesday nights (technically Wednesday mornings) is that you have slightly more personal space than the rest of the nights of the week.

Beit Maariv
Red Axes bombing the dance floor @ 4 am
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Thursday - Beit Maariv

icon-location-pin Sarona, Tel Aviv

Almost every Thursday, Beit Maariv brings an internationaly recognized top DJ to their club accompanied by the best DJs in Israel's techno scene. Don't miss it!

Photo caption: Red Axes bombing the dance floor

Track I.D: Red Axes - Karacol


The Block
© David Benardete
Nightlife, Clubs

Friday - The Block

icon-location-pin Tel Aviv - Jaffa

The ultimate underground club. Inspired by Berlin's Berghain, which is considered to be the best techno club in the world, The Block is easily Tel Aviv's best nightclub. These type of clubs are very unique and there are not more than 10 in the whole world. Tel Aviv is so lucky to have The Block. 

Beit Hapsanter
© Ariel Efron
Bars, Pubs

Saturday - Beit Hapsanter & Slippers

icon-location-pin White City

Saturday nights in Israel are equivalent to Sunday nights in the rest of the world. However, don't keep you expectations low on a Saturday night in Tel Aviv – this is no Shabbat in Jtown. Beit Hapsanter and Slippers are different clubs, but they share the same address. Start your night at Beit Hapsanter and let yourself go untill it's early in the morning. Then go up to Slippers to continue the unforgetable night. Simply quality. 

© David Benardete

Sunday - Chill guys

Rest your minds. Take a walk along the Gordon Port and listen to: https://soundcloud.com/hei_mat/recital-of-a-musical-diary



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