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By Oren Barzilay |

The social network has become a dictator of trends; some of them are ephemeral, while some of them stand the test of time, proving that it is worthwhile to jump on board and fast. One can only wonder what would have happened to the culinary industry in Israel, and of course abroad, if Instagram had not burst into our lives. The answer, apparently, is "the same only with less flattering lighting." On the other hand, it is impossible to ignore the fact that from all levels of global gastronomy (in addition to farmers, suppliers and of course, diners), a greater emphasis has been placed on the appearance of the dish, even if it is served at home. So if you're looking for inspiration, here are 10 recommended Israeli food Instagram accounts to follow.

The most tantalizing food Instagrammers in Israel


Natalie Levin - 43.6K followers

You might already know the wonderful "Lil' Cookie", which set a very high bar in the world of Israeli blogs, both from the blog and recipes point of view. This page gives a behind-the-scenes look at the most creative confectioneries in the country, with beautiful photographs arranged in impossible ways.


OMG @ikachocolate you are so talented 😍 These chocolates are simply breathtaking ❤

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Efrat Lichtenstadt - 43.1K followers

Efrat Lichtenstadt is the wonderful blogger behind "So what do you do all day," which remains one of the most popular Instagram accounts in Israel, certainly among the home cooks. We are talking about a combination of meticulousness, precision, and attention to detail that seems a bit obsessive, but who will argue with more than 40,000 followers.



Lital Rozenshtein - 41.2K followers

Here's an example of how to do it right. Lital Rozenshtein, an interior designer who was once a fashion and lifestyle writer, turned her Instagram account into an identity card that would make you not only envy her but also hope to work with her. From humorous food to markets and vacations, in short, life looks better on social media.


Last days of winter #litals_sandwiches

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Alexander Lachnish (Zoonder) - 28.6K followers

Modern cuisine may have gone out of style in recent years, and it is doubtful whether we will still see it in Israel in its classical form, however, there are still some people who prove that a combination of knowledge, talent, and curiosity (plus a lot of money) can compete with what is happening in the world. One of them is Alexander Lachnish, known as "Zoonder." Just get on his profile for a moment and you'll understand.



Guy Gamzu - 18.6K followers

Guy Gamzo of the wonderful Aria restaurant, like any self-respecting chef, uploads quite a few pictures of dishes from the restaurant, but also takes pictures not only of what the diners eat, he also captures what he eats on camera: authentic Kibbeh from a trip to the market, food from abroad, original dishes, and Israeli raw materials.


Only the best for my best @lecreuset_il @lecreuset

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Matan Katz - 15.9K followers

Although most of the pictures on his page are the result of commercial collaborations, one cannot ignore how awe-inspiring they are. Matan Katz is a food photographer who works regularly with quite a few restaurants, inviting his followers to witness the work process of someone who shoots food for a living, as well as the preparation and raw materials of the best dishes in the city.



Raz Rahav - 13.7K followers

Here is an example of how social media can raise you to stardom status: Chef Raz Rahav of OCD restaurant–recently chosen as the best young chef of the year at Time Out's Tel Aviv food awards–was just a startling and ambitious cook in the Popina restaurant when he began to upload especially stimulating pictures of his dishes. 13,000 followers later and Rahav is the chef of one of the most meticulous restaurants in Israel. 


@johanmartin359 at @bishulimschool

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Maya Marom - 12.3K followers

Beyond Maya's super successful blog, her Instagram account is also something that you should know about. Why? Stunning photography, unbelievable attention to detail, and especially lots and lots of food, ideas, and raw materials, allowing a glimpse behind the scenes of a creative mind.


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Ronen Shemesh - 11.9K followers

Here's the proof that you too can be a culinary entity on Instagram without being chefs or professional photographers. Ronen Shemesh is a marketing man who documents quite obsessively and very aesthetically the foods he cooks at home and things he eats throughout the country. And what do you know, if you do it with enough perseverance and talent, the audience will find you.


מוס קוקוס,קרמה מנגו ודקוואז שקדים @nurit_chitayat

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Tal Sivan-Ziporin - 8K followers

We're in favor of interesting combinations like food and art, and that's exactly what the next account is about. Tal Sivan-Ziporin is a designer, photographer, cook, and writer of the beautiful blog "Chocolate and Salt" (another crowd pleasing combination). Her Instagram is full of household projects of all kinds, and pretty much all of them make you want to go to the market and then cook all day long.


Roasted Feta cheese, fresh pineapple, mint, honey. @inbarbod for @ivrydairy

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