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Latin flavor: Tel Aviv restaurants cooking up delicious Latin American dishes

1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila floor. With tangy combinations and margaritas to match, you’ll talk tacos all week long

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When it comes to grab-and-go grub, locals have mastered the art of Tel Aviv and Jaffa street food – from falafel to hummus and everything in between. So, why not step up to the plate and spice things up with another country’s street food? Well, that’s exactly what the White City has done. From delicious Venezuelan Arepas in the heart of the Carmel Market to taco Tuesdays and bottomless margaritas at Biggy Z, the Tel Aviv Nightlife bracelet bar staple, these Central & South American Tel Aviv restaurants are so authentic, you’ll forget you're in the Middle East.

Taco talk: Tel Aviv restaurants master Latin American food



Taqueria serves burritos, quesadillas, and tacos in a casual and inviting atmosphere. When walking the Middle Eastern streets of Tel Aviv, it might be hard to imagine coming across a good taco. However, the tantalizing Mexican spices that radiate from Taqueria’s doors will tell your nostrils otherwise. With quick service and consistent Mexican favorites, this local joint is the perfect place to pop in for a quick and filling treat. The tacos are packed to perfection, the quesadillas are oozing with cheesy goodness, and the burritos are busting at the seams.

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White City

Diego San

Margarita and Tequila, tapas and tacos, Diego San is the child of Chef HaAchim and the owners of Casino San Remo – so you know you’ve landed in gold. It’s an attack on all your sense: On the outside you’ll see the trendy Levinsky market, and inside you’ll hear the coolest music and rub shoulders with Tel Aviv’s elite. Oh and don’t forget to taste their Mexican taco munchies, Korean bibimbap, and Pad Thai Popcorn – their graffiti-lined communal seating vibe is one to relish.

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Shuk Levinsky


This sweet mezcal bar has been serving the hipster neighborhood of Florentin for years. It started as a small neighbourhood bar which then began to receive so much love that the owners eventually had to take over the next door shop to expand the much loved establishment. Mezcal has stood the test of time. The tacos are sensational and wash down wonderfully with the fully stocked variety of tequilas. From tequila tastings to delicious and authentic enchiladas, Mezcal offers a magical meal for all who come and embrace the Mexican cuisine.

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Biggy Z

Biggy Z offers all-you-can-drink bracelet options every night of the week along with great food. Visitors can purchase a wristband that allows them unlimited drink refills, with cost dependent on alcohol of choice. Tuesday is Mexican night, with an exciting menu to go along with it, including nachos towered high with toppings, bottomless margaritas and cocktails that taste like tropical paradise.

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Tel Aviv City Center


Deep in the heart of the Carmel Market, amongst the hustle and bustle of shoppers, tourists and exotic characters, you’ll find a little hub of Venezuelan cuisine, which stands out through its appetising smells and welcoming staff. From griddle breads stuffed with chicken and cheese to corn maize ‘pockets’ of shredded beef, black beans, avocado and cheese (which adds that melt-in-your-mouth crispy finish to keep you coming back time and again), the menu options are so diverse that anyone can combine the right flavors to suit their liking. But wait, there’s more! The dedication to producing the freshest-possible food can be witnessed with your very own eyes as it is cooked right in front of you. Grab a Savanna or soft drink and witness the magic in the capital of Tel Aviv street food.

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Shuk  HaCarmel


Located in Beit Tzionei America on Ibn Gvirol Street, a cultural hotspot for theater and shows. America is spread over 1,200 meters with beautiful outside gardens and eateries, including ‘Merica (Soul Food), Gringos Tacos, Johnson for cocktails (opening soon) and America Coffee, a food truck and outside terrace serving up blueberry muffins and decadent cinnamon rolls. Sit down for lunch to inhale chicken wings by the bucket, six different types of sliders, creamy chowder with peas, corn and chili and Jambalaya (Louisiana stew of meat, sausages, rice and seafood), crack pie and more! America is merely one representation of a whole renaissance movement of American eateries studded across the city, from American style burgers to huge slices of New York pizza.

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