Time Out takes out: Tel Aviv restaurants delivering right to your door

Because what’s better than eating a burger in your PJs?

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Tel Aviv may average out to more than 320 sunny days per year, but those few rainy ones can be crippling for a culture that isn’t used to rainfall. Basically, it doesn’t take long for streets to turn into swampy swimming pools and for people to do everything they can to stay inside. We’re making things easy for you. Tel Aviv has everything from affordable Asian street food to highbrow brasserie fare available just by picking up the phone (or not…some even allow web orders).

The best Tel Aviv Restaurants for take out



Fu prepares beautiful Japanese food at high standards coupled with a lively Tel Aviv neighborhood feel. Enjoy prestigious, detail-oriented sushi created beautifully in front of your eyes or dine on flavors from the wok. Whether you want a casual bite at the bar, a gorgeous Japanese dinner or a Tel Avivian evening of people-watching, everything can be found here.

Old North


Started by a musician and pizza artist who immigrated to Israel from France, bringing with him everything he knows about dough and pizza, Philippe is a fusion of delicious flavors. Philippe doesn't compromise on anything – the dough is made using painstaking methods and the finest raw materials. The cooking process includes selecting special combinations of vegetables, fine cheeses, and sausages, as well as orchestrating the pizzas to come out at the exact right moment from the authentic wood-burning stove – hot and steamy, crisp, thin, and fresh. Philippe promises your encounter to be an “experience of tastes, aromas, and a great, joyful atmosphere.”  


Wok Republic

Note, however, that quality is somewhat compromised if you order during peak lunch and/or dinner hours, when Wok Republic gets slammed with orders. Almost everything on the menu is tasty – the one exception to this is the General Tso’s chicken which is more soggy than it is crispy. The standout favorites are the eatery’s chicken pad thai and their fried rice dishes.  

Old North

Dim Sum Shop

Aside from their dumplings (they have over a dozen different ones – including sweet varieties), Dim Sum Shop makes amazing rice paper, veggie-filled spring rolls. There are plenty of steamed options and even though many of the Instagram-friendly dishes are vibrant in color, no artificial colors or preservatives are used in any of the dishes.

Tel Aviv City Center

Chop Chop

Chop Chop has a long list of salads and appetizers, all of which are made with fresh, colorful, vibrant ingredients. Standouts include their sesame salad made with red cabbage, sprouts, cucumber, sesame noodles, and a Japanese bean sauce and their steamed buns and crispy rolls. As with most Asian restaurants, Chop Chop offers an array of vegetarian-friendly options that are equally delicious.  

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