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Time warp! Travel back in time with these retro date ideas in Tel Aviv & Jerusalem

Break free from routine and take a trip to Pleasantville with these old-fashioned dates in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

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Jennifer Greenberg

This just in: technology is taking over the world! Whether it’s Tinder that brought you two together or obsessive texting during the first date that broke you apart, modern dating has stripped away the last human scraps of Millennial intimacy. Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned picnic – checkered tablecloth and all? Or a romantic paddle boat ride down the Yarkon River? Instead of spending your evening swiping right, paddle left. Instead of being nose deep in your Samsung screen, dive into a bag of popcorn at a drive-in movie. We’re taking you back in time to an older era–a better era–for a blast from the admirable past with these vintage date ideas.

Let's do the Time Warp again

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So it might not be a chocolate malt at the 50's diner, but Shakeout still captures that vintage milkshake experience. Choose your date, your candy bar, your ice cream, and your toppings – just let your minds go wild as you concoct the perfect sensual shake, then grab two straws and sip together down to the last drop. Think Lady and the Tramp, but replace the spaghetti with a very long straw.

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Get your legs moving and enjoy this special spot on the river in Park Hayarkon. With two offerings, visitors can choose the more active route and paddle their pedal boat manually, or go the motor boat route, allowing for a more casual way to explore the river. For a more romantic, old-school trip, we suggest the former. So grab your lifejackets – and your lifepartners – and head downstream. You'll be singing "You are so beautiful" while showing off your muscular pedalling abilities in no time. 

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With the 80's and 90's at the center of the hipster revolution sweeping through Tel Aviv, record stores are making a comeback. The rise of vintage-oriented consumers has meant a proliferation of nostalgic clothing, live concerts, and–more recently–music stores. No matter where you are in the White City, getting your hands on a shiny black vinyl, especially by Israeli and Middle Eastern artists, has never been easier. And there's nothing more intimate than sharing your deepest musical passion and all-time favorite albums with that special someone.

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Opposite the Knesset lies a magical garden with over 400 varieties of roses. In addition to some 15,000 rose bushes, the park features expansive lawns and an ornamental pond with aquatic plants. It's the perfect place to go for a lovely afternoon stroll and admire the serene nature instead of being shut inside all day. Let the celebration of colors and smells win your date over. "Roses are red, violets are blue..."

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It’s a Thursday night, and you’ve suddenly become inspired to experience the F. Scott Fitzgerald-deemed ‘Jazz Age’ in the city of the Biblical Age. Impossible? Of course not. This is Jerusalem, of course there’s a bar for that. Sitting behind a black, unmarked door, this bar oozes ‘speakeasy’ before you even set foot in it. With wickedly-masterminded cocktails (including using light bulbs for glasses), you can see the bartenders pouring their heart, soul, and passion into crafting these wicked little delights for you and your cocktail savvy date.

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  • Park  HaYarkon

There's only one thing more romantic than sex on the beach, a bike ride along the beach. Skip the motorcylces, cars, and electric machinery and cycle hand(le) in hand(le) along Tel Aviv's beautiful boardwalk. Nothing like a sunset cycle to get in the mood. So grab two of the signature green bikes or use your own and ride along Tel Aviv’s warm and stunning coastline over to Park Hayarkon for a tandem evening of exploring.

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