Five alternative venues to see theatre and dancing in Jaffa

Jaffa is keeping up with its younger sister when it comes to alternative performances. Check out these five funky venues

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Jaffa has jumped on the bandwagon of alternative performing arts centres. With its extremely rich cultural diversity, it seems the perfect place to do so too. From the blending of Arab-Hebrew culture on a single stage at the Jaffa theatre, to the Israeli dance focused Warehouse 2 in the Old Port conceived by the Israel Choreographers Association, these five quaint yet funky spaces give theater and dancing in Jaffa the attention it deserves. Head to one of Jaffa’s best restaurants or grab a quick bite of authentic Jaffa street food, then head to one of these venues for a truly unique experience. Let the Old Port city surprise you with more than just its stunning rooftop weddings boasting brides in their one-of-a-kind Israeli wedding dresses and beautiful views of the Mediterranean shoreline spanning from the beaches of Tel Aviv to Bat Yam, Herzliya, Netanya and beyond.

Alternative theatre, music and dancing in Jaffa


Nalaga’at Center

Located in the heart of Jaffa’s port, the Nalaga’at Center is home to one of Israel’s most unconventional and exceptional theaters: deaf and blind actors and hosts take the audience on a magical tour into the districts of their own inner world.

Jaffa Port

Gesher Theater

The 1990s’ giant wave of immigration from the former Soviet Union hit the Israeli cultural shore with prestigious actors, many of them from the excellent Gesher Theater. Check ahead for English subtitles.

Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Jaffa Theatre: A Stage for Arab-Hebrew Culture

The award winning Jaffa Theatre offers something quite special and quite rare: a stage for Arab-Hebrew culture. Inside the multi-arched building in Old Jaffa is a space that invents its own unique theatrical language to challenge the cultural divisions that have been drawn in the past. Two theatre companies work together and independently in Hebrew and Arabic to show how the cultures can be so similar in some ways, yet different and special in others. Come experience one of their four major annual festivals and feel the cultural unity occurring under one roof.

Old Jaffa

Dohl Center

The Dohl Center was established with one goal in mind: to draw joy to visitors with an emphasis on providing repertoire from the finest theatres in Israel. Today, the center hosts  children’s entertainment shows, singing shows, performances, stand-up comedy, and so much more. They want to ensure that every performance gives visitors a magical cultural experience they won’t forget. On top of a theatre venue, Dohl Center also has an activity center within its walls, which has become a focal point for conferences, seminars, and celebrations. Audiences venture far and wide to enjoy the bright atmosphere and contagious spirit that shines through Dohl.

Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Warehouse 2 (Mahsan 2)

Smack dab in the middle of the Jaffa Port complex, facing the instagram worthy Mediterranean sea, is a gem of a culture center. Conceived by the Israel Choreographers Association, the unique venue offers a space for performing arts events of all kinds. From dance performances by leading Israeli choreographers, and music and theatre performances, to conferences and family-friendly weekend shows, Warehouse 2 (“Mahsan 2” in Hebrew) invites Tel Avivians and Jaffa residents alike to revel in the incredible arts and culture this city has to offer. Let Jaffa prove its creative worth at Warehouse 2.

Jaffa Port
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