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Secret Israel

Explore the weird & wonderful side of the country with our guide to secret Israel – featuring lesser known foodie finds, hidden geological gems, under-the-radar art galleries, and other scandalous secrets

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Time Out Israel Writers

It's not that Israel's best museums and major attractions aren't well worth the visit, but sometimes the "been there, done that" mentality kicks in, welcoming some discouragement. Time Out's goal is to keep our readers enthralled at all times by the unique Holy Land offerings. That's why we've compiled the ultimate guide to secret Israel – to remind visitors and tourists alike how fun, fresh, and exciting every inch of this country can be, whether in a brilliant bathroom inside a Tel Aviv bar or a secret cave up north. Just don't spill the beans, eh?

Top secret days out in Israel

Israel's best kept secrets REVEALED!

Israel's best kept secrets REVEALED!

As much as it pains us to share these secret gems, it’s our job to spread the news, so here goes...we’re letting you in on a smattering of people, places and...

Secret seduction

Secret places to sink and drink

Art undercover

Covert culinary scene