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Things to do in Israel next week

Precrastinate! Stay ahead of the game with our list of next week’s best events, all in one place

You’ve got this week covered. But how about next week? Why not stay ahead of the game and mark down the cool events and things to do in Israel coming up in the near future before they’re sold out. From free art exhibitions to spending your shekels at unique markets and craft fairs that span the country, get out those daytimers and start planning because our editors have recommendations for everything. You won’t regret it. After all, we’re here to keep you in the know and away from the “FOMO.”

What's on next week


Celebrate International Museums Day with free entrance to museums nationwide

Honoring and raising awareness of the crucial contributions of museums to society since 1977, Israel is taking part in International Museum Day on May 3rd. With over 36,000 museums in 157 countries across the globe, we take this day to appreciate the way these institutions expand our horizons and provide public access deep into the realms of science, art, history, and culture.   Participating museums offering free admission to the public include but are not limited to: Jerusalem’s Israel Museum, Bloomfield Science Museum, and The Tower of David Museum, Tel Aviv’s Eretz Israel Museum, Israeli Cartoon Museum in Holon, Beit Hatfutsot, Nahum Gutman Museum of Art, and Man and the Living Museum (in Ramat Gan), Be’er Sheva’s Negev Museum of Art and Museum of Islamic and Near Eastern Cultures, Haifa’s museum complex, and museums across the rest of the country such as the Archaeological Museum at Kibbutz Ein Dor, the Rishon Lezion Museum, the Ashdod Museum of Art, the Kfar Saba Archaeological Museum, the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Petah Tikva Museum of Art. © Sivan Farag Many of the museums will be featuring special events and activities on Lag B’Omer, from tours to new exhibit openings and workshops. Some will be presenting activities to involve the younger crowd, like digital games and mobile apps exploring the museum’s information and artifacts.   For example, Tel Aviv’s Eretz Israel Museum will be “playing digital discovery,” leading kids on a treasure

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By: Shoshana Rice

The Tale of Tsar Saltan

This exciting production will be presented for the first time in Israel. The opera is based on a fairy tale by Pushkin. Conducted by Evgeny Brazhnik, and directed by Alexander Titel, this visiting opera holds true to its Russian nature: it will be performed by the soloists, orchestra, and chorus of the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Opera House, Moscow.

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The Israeli Opera House , Tel Aviv - Jaffa Friday May 4 2018 - Sunday May 13 2018

Live the life at Grounded Festival: a beach-side resort weekend full of wild EDM parties

L’chaim to the sun, sea, sand, sexy people, and partying. On the shores of the Red Sea, surrounded by mountainous desert landscape and the beautiful bay, celebrate summer at one of Eilat’s most exclusive resorts. Combined with a raging electronic music lineup, these three days and nights will surely makeup your ultimate vacation fantasy.   Dozens of artists will be playing quality house and techno live with video-art visuals, and when you finally need a break from going hard, recover at the festival’s idyllic relaxation options. Sip a cocktail or smoothie, or even enjoy a massage at the venue swimming pool or private beach.   Head down to the Coral Beach Hotel in Eilat, May 3-6, for the vacation festival of your dreams. Tickets are $300-$1,000 and include 2-3 nights hotel accommodation, two quality meals a day, entrance to all the festival’s parties and events, and magical beachside sunsets. For the full lineup, tickets, and more information, visit https://we-grounded.com/.

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By: Shoshana Rice


Following the wild success of Not By Bread Alone, Jaffa's Nalaga'at Theater has a completely new show in store. Written and directed by Ofer Amram, Edgar also deals with issues of deafness and blindness, but this time, the story follows a man as he slowly loses his eyesight and hearing. While the world around him begins to fade, Edgar embarks on a spiritual journey to help him cope with his deepest fears of loneliness and uncover new passions, including a female suitor.  

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Nalaga’at Center , Jaffa Port Monday April 30 2018 - Thursday June 28 2018

Alma Zohar

In one evening Zohar plans to showcase her best songs and uncover some fresh exciting material. Launching her new festive album, Crazy Life,  she puts on a dance and choral performance, breaking “the boundaries of the soft-female,” with a “bold and bare” attitude. Accompanied by an electric guitar, a bass guitar, and drums, check out Zohar’s charged messages, powerful electronic beats, and Mediterranean grooves this Spring.

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Zappa , Tel Aviv - Jaffa Monday April 30 2018

Ready, set, GO! An interview with choreographer Galit Liss

A stunning performance art piece, GO shows us the beauty of getting older   While choreographers are always in search of newer, younger talent, Galit Liss has done something incredible. She’s shifted the focus onto 18 women aged 60-82 in an exploration of the movement of the body in its later years. GO creates an artistic space for women in the later chapters of their lives to express themselves and send out the message that self-realization and development is very possible and prominent in older age. Here's what Liss has to add.  What motivated you to create such an inspirational piece?   Eleven years ago, my younger brother died of cancer at the age of 30. About two weeks before he lost consciousness, we went for a walk in the forest. His body was already weak, so I had to support him. As we walked, he told me something that changed my view of life entirely: "I know everyone around me is worried, but this is one of the happiest times of my life." This insight raised so many questions: What does it mean to "live" a meaningful life? And how much responsibility do we have over how we live?   After his death, I went into the studio to deal with these questions. I worked with three women: two women, aged 20 and 40, who were both wonderful dancers coming out of the Batsheva Dance company, and a 70-year-old woman without any prior dance training. During rehearsals, I fell in love with the older body – it surprised and excited me. I parted from the professional dancers and

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By: Jennifer Greenberg


One of the most successful rock bands in the world in the 70s and 80s is still rocking, performing two sold-out concerts in Israel just in the last two years. In their over 30-year career, Foreigner has sold over 80 million records and is best known for its hits such as I Want to Know What Love Is,  Waiting for a Girl Like You, Urgent, and That was Yesterday. Tickets are on sale now, so don’t miss the historic jamns of this rock legend.

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Menora Mivtachim Arena , Tel Aviv - Jaffa Saturday May 5 2018

A Chorus Line

Evoking all the glamour and grind of showbiz, we watch 17 dancers who have worked their whole lives to compete for the same opportunity. As you gain insight into the performers’ and choreographer’s personalities, inspirations, and life stories, your heart will get swept away by their dreams and courage. Starring Maya Dagan, Lazarov Yehezkel, Dana Frieder, and many more Israeli stars, Tsedi Sarfati's brilliant adaptation of this Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway classic paints a beautiful true-to-life depiction of performers struggling to achieve greatness.

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Cameri Theater , Tel Aviv - Jaffa Tuesday May 1 2018 - Sunday June 24 2018

Idan K

Working with top Israeli and international musicians, Idan K spearheads a dynamic ensemble, rocking this month’s wild tropical party at The Zone. The multi-instrumentalist and talented percussionist at the forefront of Israeli music is prepared to fill the room with explosive rhythms and world class beats. Dance the night away with “one of the scene’s prominent groove makers.”

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The Zone (Haezor) , Tel Aviv - Jaffa Monday April 30 2018

Hollywood and other Myths

Through the works of nine international video artists, the exhibition focuses on the evolving relationship between video and cinema. Observing the more old school Hollywood style of the 1960s and 1970s shifting to more intricate references to “enchanted fascination and dismissal” in the 1990s, appreciate all of the cinematic characteristics that make cinema such an enticing medium. Each with “high-volume emotions, high production value, and a rich, all-encompassing soundtrack,” head over to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art to explore cinema’s dynamic development and compelling artistry.

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Tel Aviv Museum of Art , Tel Aviv - Jaffa Thursday April 26 2018 - Saturday September 29 2018
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