Istanbul's best places for kids activities

This list features venues like museums, workshops, outdoor activities, and much more that you can enjoy with the kids.

By Time Out Istanbul editors

The best activities for kids to spend their holiday break in the city; in fact there are dozens of activities you can enjoy together.  

best places for kids activities

Atölye Modern


Istanbul Modern’s workshops aim to reinforce the museum experience in participants. Guided tours for groups of students, seminars, and special programs for children with social disadvantages provide a unique experience, allowing visitors to go beyond the ordinary. Some of the workshops include the participation of the family; the workshops accommodate at least 3 and no more than 10 families. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing. 

Bebek Parkı

Things to do Beşiktaş

Bebek Park is the only park where you can enjoy the Bosphorus and see and be seen while your children enjoy a lush area of 8,800 m2. The 1,000-m2 playground is enclosed for security purposes and features a small sandpit, 2 play stations with many slides, 4 swings, 1 seesaw, and monkey bars for kids to climb and swing on. 


Düş Evi

Shopping Eyüp

Established in June of 2010 in Göktürk by two friends, the purpose of Düş Evi is to bring together kids, people who are kids at heart, and bookworms under the same roof. In addition to books Düş Evi also sells wooden toys, puzzles and board games, plant-based crayons, raincoats and boots, bags, and costumes. 

Dilek Sabancı Parkı

Sport and fitness Beşiktaş

Since 2002 the Dilek Sabancı Park has been the first park in Turkey that children with disabilities can enjoy without assistance. On the way to Mayadrom in Levent turn left on Ülgen Sokak. Located in the middle of the city yet far from the crowd, the 16,750-m2 green area features 2 playgrounds, 1 of which is made of sand, a basketball court, cafeteria, and bathrooms. Over the weekend Düşler Academy features educational workshops geared towards disabled children and children with social disadvantages. The playground at the entrance features two slide stations and two swings that can be used with wheelchairs. 


İstanbul Oyuncak Müzesi

Museums Şile

Don’t let the name fool you, the Istanbul Toy Museum is the perfect place to visit over the weekend for both kids and adults. It is an exciting experience for kids and a nostalgic experience for adults thanks to the historic toys. 

Mehmet Naci Aköz Uçurtma Müzesi

Museums Üsküdar

In the first 30 minutes of the 60-75 minute long workshop children, accompanied by supervisors, pick a design from 17 patterns and make a surprise kite. The remaining time is then spent describing the museum. 


Mutfak Sanatları Atölyesi

Things to do Sarıyer

The Culinary Arts Academy of Istanbul provides graduates with the internationally recognized City & Guilds diploma and is the only private professional culinary school in Istanbul that the Ministry of Education approves. MSA even has Mini Gourmet workshops for our little kitchen lovers to enjoy. 

Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanik Bahçesi

Things to do Ümraniye

Founded as a commemorative park in 1995 the area was later transformed into a botanical garden to research, promote and protect the plantlife. In 2002 the park was opened to the public and in 2003 it was named the Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanical Garden. Children aged 3-9 can play in the discovery garden on Picnic Island while also learning about plants at the same time. The theme of the discovery garden is ‘plants are vital for all life’. 


Pera Müzesi

Museums İstiklal Caddesi

The Pera Museum organizes workshops geared towards elementary school students and teens. Through these workshops they focus on introducing young minds to art. 

Rahmi M. Koç Müzesi

Museums Haliç

If you haven’t taken your child to a museum yet, we suggest starting with the Rahmi M. Koç Museum. With the opportunity to celebrate their birthday on the Fenerbahçe Ferry and explore the TCG Uluçalireis Submarine, children will have an unforgettable day.  

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