Aida - Vino e Cucina

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4 out of 5 stars
Aida - Vino e Cucina
Aida - Vino e Cucina

Aida gets its name from Ayda, the daughter of well-known writer, caricaturist, doctor and tenor İhsan Ünlüer who was named after the Italian opera “Aida.” The brainchild of Ünlüer’s granddaughter (and Ayda’s daughter) Elif Uluhan and her Italian partner Andrea Cariglia, Aida looks more like a private home than a restaurant. Inside, you’re greeted by a piano and family portraits along the staircase before you’re served an authentic Italian meal on dinnerware that looks as if it came from your grandmother’s house.

Italian chef Valentino Salvi and Turkish Erman Evcil (who previously worked at Sekiz Istanbul and Kantin) are in charge of the kitchen, while Uluhan and Cariglia are in charge of the service. We start with the appetizer plate with fried rice balls in a bolognaise sauce, meatballs and fava bean crocchettes, which strikes us as an inventive way to serve fava beans by breading and frying them. The seafood and shrimp fettuccine  is fresh and perfectly al dente. Aida also makes its own breads and ice cream, though our favorite treat was the tiramisu made with Quarta coffee imported from Italy. We can’t wait to try the gnocchi with Gorgonzola on our next visit.

By: Onur Aymete


Venue name: Aida - Vino e Cucina
Address: Ressam Şeref Akdik Sokak 10
Moda, Kadıköy

Opening hours: Mon, Wed-Sun 17.30-00.00 (kitchen closes at 22.30).
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