Restaurants Suadiye
4 out of 5 stars

When exciting places open on the Anatolian side, we tend to jump in with both feet, which leads to some of them becoming popular just because they’re crowded. Yet if the kitchen and service aren’t up to par, these trendy spots can become deserted overnight. Marlon (named after Marlon Brando) is one such restaurant that suddenly burst onto the scene, but it hasn’t lost any of its popularity just yet. For one thing, the servers and kitchen staff both care about their customers’ preferences and comfort. If the margherita isn’t the right texture, they’ll immediately remake it and apologize for the wait. And when it does arrive, you get a sense of how much details matter here. The same holds true for the black queen, a medley of seafood with black pasta that’s become popular thanks to social media. Though Marlon claims to be a world fare joint, its general direction is towards Italian cuisine, and they’re truly good at it. And like any decent Italian restaurant, we’d have to recommend that you don’t leave without trying the tiramisu.

By: Erçağ Akın


Venue name: Marlon
Address: Plaj Yolu Sokak 23/A
Suadiye, Kadıköy

Opening hours: Daily 08.00-01.00.
Static map showing venue location