Sarı Köşk

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Sarı Köşk, located inside Emirgan Korusu, will remind you of the mansions in old Turkish movies with its historical frame and glory. Emirgan Korusu is one of the most beautiful places in the Bosphorus Shore especially during the tulip season. Sarı Köşk, with its magnificent view of the Bosphorus and location in Emirgan Korusu, is very popular during Breakfast and lunch hours. The café & restaurant style venue is managed by Beltur (a management owned of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality) and the menu offers select dishes from Turkish Cuisine like olive oil dishes, grills and salads.


Our picks from the main courses are; ‘Rulodin’ with pistachios, the Island steak and Sarı Köşk special. There are also options for vegeterians and dieters. Among the regulars of Sarı Köşk, there are foreigners and families living near by. You can also prefer Sarı Köşk for the buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner offered during the weekends.


The last hour to enter the venue is 22.00 but dinner guests can leave until 23.00. The venue accepts no reservations on Sundays.


Venue name: Sarı Köşk
Address: Emirgan Korusu

Opening hours: Daily 09.00-23.00.
Static map showing venue location