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Soho Ortaköy

Don’t let the name throw you off: this brand new eatery in Ortaköy has no connection to the Soho House in Beyoğlu, though we have every reason to believe it will soon become just as popular.

The New York and London-inspired restaurant is located in the space that formerly housed Bloom. Its spacious interior allows for plenty of breathing room, while its outdoor area will have you momentarily wondering if you’re in Bodrum or Çeşme instead of Ortaköy. Once you see the pages upon pages of items on its menu, you might wonder if they’re able to do justice to each dish, but you’ll be singing a different tune as soon as you take your first bite. We recommend starting off with the mini burgers, which come with Soho’s specialty ketchup made from sundried tomatoes. The burger patties are on par with what you’ll find in the city’s best burger shops. When you glance at the main courses, the beef cheek is sure to grab your attention, as you won’t find this particular cut in many restaurants around town. Here, it gets slow cooked to perfection in one of Soho’s two wood-fired ovens.

Although the restaurant has a penchant for Italian cuisine, you’ll also find several dishes from the Hatay region, including künefe (fried shredded pastry in syrup with a molten cheese center). This dessert is so flavorful that it wouldn’t have any trouble landing on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

By: Erçağ Akın


Venue name: Soho
Address: Ambarlıdere Caddesi 6

Opening hours: Daily 10.00-02.00.
Static map showing venue location