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The Barley

Time Out says

The newest member of the Tektekçi family is The Barley, an elegant pub with plenty of zeal to go around. Its biggest asset is the impressively long menu: with 106 beers and a plethora of whiskeys (we hear they’re also working on importing hard-to-find Japanese whiskys), The Barley is one of the few venues in Istanbul with such extensive variety. The bar has also taken advantage of its abundance of whiskeys to offer 14 whiskey-based cocktails in addition to its classic cocktails.

We especially love that The Barley has teamed up with experts to find out (and serve) the nibbles that best complement each drink. So if a drink pairs best with warm water, water it is, and if it calls for dried meat, that’s what they serve. In addition to drinks, there’s also a satisfying food and snack menu that includes the flavorful crispy bacon in the image as well as other enticing dishes like fried pickles and the unconventional mac & cheese roll. 

Written by
Erçağ Akın


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