With Başak Dizer Tatlıtuğ and Deniz Marşan on Room + Rumours

Keep your expectations high at Room + Rumours. After you’ve completed your shift among shelves, Başak Dizer Tatlıtuğ and Deniz Marşan invite you to explore the art works exhibited in the cafe area.

Başak Dizer Tatlıtuğ ve Deniz Marşan
Fotoğraf: Mete Çarkcı
By Begüm Egeli Bursalıgil |

Style consultants Başak Dizer Tatlıtuğ and Deniz Marşan’s Room + Rumours is a new-generation haven of shopping, art and food. The moment you step through the door, you’ll feel less like you’re in a shop and more like you’re in a private dressing room where a stylist has laid aside items just for you. Eclectic details complement the modern décor at Room + Rumours, which offers much more than just clothes: you can also grab a bite, get work done, purchase artworks or just browse to feel inspired.

What’s the story behind Room + Rumours?
Başak: “It’s been our dream since we started working together. We first opened our showroom, Room, and recently added the Rumours section. When imagining our concept store, we not only wanted to sell items we love, but we also wanted to set aside space for art and a café where everything from the music to the food reflects our taste.”

Who’s your target clientele?
Başak: “We offer items that appeal more to people who either have style or are in the process of forming their own style than they do to those who blindly follow trends. It’s important to us that everything is offered in limited numbers, since many of our customers don’t want to see the same clothes they’re wearing on someone else.”

What brands will we find at Room + Rumours?
Deniz: “We’re proud to showcase our first collection, which was designed in Italy. There are also collections by Hakan Yıldırım and Özgür Masur designed exclusively for us. Room + Rumours is also the only retailer in Turkey for the Dutch brand Avelon and for Project TWLV, the new footwear brand by Antonio Panella, the former creative director for Paul Smith’s shoe collection. Izola, Living Royal, Zeynep Tosun and Torc are some of the other brands we carry.”

What about art?
Deniz: “Art is a discipline that’s closely related to fashion. After all, artworks are an essential part of home décor, so it makes sense that the pieces we display here enrich the space visually. The fact that they’re available for sale helps us meet our goal of supporting artists while also doing our part to make people’s homes more stylish.”

Işık Apartmanı 6, Nişantaşı. roomandrumours.com