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Games for kids: Free options for the whole family

These awesome online games are fun, educational—and completely free! Your kids will be entertained for hours!


Are your kids ready to have fun? These amazing online games will keep entertained for hours—and might sneak in a little learning without them knowing! Even better, these games are absolutely free. Talk about fun things to do at home that don't break the budget!

Real talk: These online games will free you up to take care of adult matters, and give you a break from at-home learning. Once you feel refreshed, you'll be ready to stream one of the 50 greatest animated films to watch as a family, maybe order in from one of the best family restaurants in NYC doing delivery.

And when you're ready to take the playtime offline, check out our rundown of the 15 best kids' board games.

Games for kids: Free

1. Cartoon Network

There are almost 200 games on the Cartoon Network's gaming page—and they're all free. The most popular right now? Teen Titan's Jump Joust, which uses characters from the popular series. But do a little clicking around and you'll find hilarious games like Sewer Sweater Search, or Suburban Karate Master, or the oh-so-cute Baby Bears Boxed In. Go forth and game!

2. ChessKid

The number one youth chess site in the world lets kids play other kids, challenge robot programs and play puzzles for free. (Registration is required but costs nothing.) The big secret? Kids LOVE chess! This site will teach your little Magnus Carlsen the basics, and give them skills they need to legitimately beat you.


3. PBS Kids

If you expect the games brought to you by the same channel that broadcasts Sesame Street, Arthur and Mister Rodgers' Neighborhood to be educational and creative, you're right. All of the free games on PBS Kids encourage intellectual and personal development—from teamwork, to math skills, to emotional experiences, these games will help your little one grow while keeping them totally entertained!

Oh, Canada! The free online games from CBC Kids are educational, and fun, and many have a certain northern bent: Hero Hockey, anyone? Some games are purely entertaining, while others sneak in geography, science, literacy and more. Don't worry—your kids don't need to know.


5. Nick Jr.

Nick Jr. always knows how to have fun! You'll find your fave Nick Jr. characters, including Pippa Pig and the stars of Paw Patrol, featuring in some of these free games. The games about dress up, matching objects and solving mysteries also sneak in a little learning while being super fun to play.


Can online gaming be wholesome? It is at—these games build math and reading skills without your kids knowing that they're learning. Even better: There's no bang-'em-up violence, making these games great for any age.


7. Disney LOL

What a bonanza! All of the amazing characters from the Disney universe feature in these games: Here is where you'll find the Incredibles family, Star Wars heroes, Marvel personalities and every princess EVER. Disney LOL offers hundreds of games—you're bound to find a few that will entertain and delight your kiddo!

8. Brain Bashers

Think of the games on Brain Bashers as online workouts for your kiddo's gray matter. These twisty puzzles, illusions and games will challenge and engage your little thinker.


9. RamoGames

You'll find hundreds of free online games at RamoGames, from the Sesame Street Elmo Cloud Game to United States GeoQuest!

10. Honorable Mention: might only be free for the first month for new subscribers, but with 9,000+ activities and full curriculum—math, science, reading and art—we'd be remiss not to tell you just how beneficial this program and its games can be. Ages 2–8. 

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