Uma Lulik

Art Alvalade
Uma Lulik - Joel Andrianomeariscoa
Uma Lulik - Joel Andrianomeariscoa

This brand new contemporary art gallery is located in Alvalade and focuses essentially 
on South American, African, Middle Eastern and South Asian artworks. Miguel Leal Rios, collector and owner of the Leal Rios Foundation, knows Timor-Leste and decided to honour his childhood memories with a “lulik”, the Timorense word that means “holy house” and symbolises social unity. It’s like Uma Lulik wished to be a holy house for contemporary
art in Lisbon. The gallery’s first exhibition is called “Ausência” and shows works of Joël Andrianomearisoa, from Madagascar. His “colossal” oeuvres are made out of small, collectable objects, in a reference to people’s memories and objects. With Uma Lulik, Miguel Leal Rios wants to publicize the works of artists from those regions, create a room for discussion, and appeal to new audiences.

By: Time Out Lisbon editors


Venue name: Uma Lulik
Address: Rua Centro Cultural, 15, porta 2
Opening hours: Wed-Sat noon-8pm
Static map showing venue location