1. Adega da Tia Matilde - Sala
    Fotografia: Ana Luzia
  2. Adega da Tia Matilde - Coelho à Caçador
    Fotografia: Ana Luzia
  3. Adega da Tia Matilde - Cabrito
    Fotografia: Ana Luzia
  4. arroz de lampreia da adega da tia matilde, tema 526
    Fotografia: Ana Luzia
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  • São Sebastião
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Adega da Tia Matilde

4 out of 5 stars

Time Out says

It is difficult to choose the reason why Adega da Tia Matilde is best known for: whether for traditional food, or for being, for many years, one of Eusébio's (the famous football player) favourite places. But if you're not familiar with it yet, you can go there as much to see the homage to the Black Panther (we mean Eusébio, not the Marvel super-hero one) as to taste the pataniscas (fritters), the stews, the Coelho à caçador (stewed rabbit), the cod Isabel’s way, the feijoada à transmontana (beens and meat stew), the crème brûlée, and all things good and Portuguese, in very generous ammounts.

Perfect for: longing for old-fashioned restaurants with old-fashioned service.
Must try: the cozido à portuguesa (Portuguese stew), on Tuesdays.


Rua da Beneficência, 77
BUS 731
Up to €30
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri noon-4pm & 7.30-11pm, Sat 12.30-4.00pm
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