Il Matriciano al Mare

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4 out of 5 stars
Il Matriciano al Mare - Sala
Il Matriciano al Mare - Risotto
Il Matriciano al Mare - Carpaccio de Robalo e Trufas
Carpaccio de Robalo e Trufas

If Il Matriciano presents true Italian cuisine, its younger brother adds seafood to the basic premise. If you've never tried an aromatic pasta with seabass and lemon, now is the time; if your curiosity is piqued by reading “crayfish and orange risotto”, come here; or if you want to learn the meaning of involtini di rombo coi asparagi, make a reservation. The restaurant has the colours and the vibe of summertime and sea; the friendliness of the staff and the quality of the food make this a rewarding experience. (OK, the above dish is turbot rolls with asparagus).

Time Out tips:

– One of the desserts has fruit pulp ice cream and is incredible.

– Take a risk on their Italian wines – they're not cheap, but some are very good.

– Eat like an Italian: antipasti, primi piatti, secondi piatti, dolci. Can you do it?


Venue name: Il Matriciano al Mare
Address: Rua de São Bento, 97/99
Opening hours: Tue-Sat 12.30pm-3.30pm & 7.30pm-11pm
Transport: BUS 706, 714, 727, 774
Price: Up to €40
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