1. Fromagerie Maître Renard
    Fotografia: Manuel Manso
  2. Fromagerie Maître Renard
    Fotografia: Manuel Manso
  3. Fromagerie Maître Renard
    Fotografia: Manuel Manso
  4. Maître Renard - Fromagerie
    Fotografia: Manuel Manso
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  • Campo de Ourique

Maître Renard – Fromagerie


Time Out says

Ulysse and Quentin are both originally from Poitiers, France. They met at school and ran into each other in Lisbon years later. They missed cheese so much
t hat they decided to open a whole store dedicated to it in Lisbon, despite their 
first idea being opening a bar. The fact
is that they managed to combine both gastronomic pleasures under one roof: at Maitre Renard one can not only find cheese but also beer and wine. “In France, a meal without cheese is not a proper meal”, says Ulysse – maybe that’s why 40% of the shop’s clients are French. The cheeses come from places such as St. Antoine, St. Nectaire, Azeitão and Setúbal. The wine menu also includes French and Portuguese wines, and the artisanal beers come from France, Portugal, Italy and New Zealand. Butter and homemade mustard are also available.


Rua Ferreira Borges, 30
Campo de Ourique
Bus 774
Opening hours:
Tue-Sat 10.30am-8pm
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