Taberna da Esperança

Restaurants, Portuguese Estrela/Lapa/Santos
4 out of 5 stars
Taberna da Esperança
Taberna da Esperança
Taberna da Esperança

Susana Felicidade passed her Taberna Ideal to another management some years back, and the new owners chose to leave it as it. The dishes continue to be all to share, the chairs and crockery follow the logic "each one of their nation" (which is the Portuguese way of saying nothing matches) and it is said that even some people in the kitchen are the same. Needless to say, they still eat good tibornas, salads and other snacks – like the vegetables à braz - as well as other dishes that are around frequently.

Perfect for: eating a lot and paying little in an increasingly touristy area.
Must try: the eggs with alheira.


Venue name: Taberna da Esperança
Address: Rua da Esperança, 112
Opening hours: Wed-Sat 7.30pm-12.30am; Sun 1pm-4pm & 7pm-11pm
Price: Up to €30
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