Templo Hindu Radha Krishna

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5 out of 5 stars
templo hindu
templo hindu

You need to run a bit of a steeplechase race to get to the Portugal Hindu Community Canteen. You go up and down stairs, you traverse a giant parking lot, then more steps, then a door, then another door. Finally you get to a large windowless room, you get steel plates and bowls and you hit – gently, please – the buffet. The food is 100% vegetarian; there's no menu, no alcohol, no silverware (push the food around with bread).

Time Out tips:

– There's always soup, white rice, Indian roti bread and cooked legumes.

– There's also vegetable curry – watch out, they don't go light on the spicy stuff.

– Our critics gave it a five-star review.


Venue name: Templo Hindu Radha Krishna
Address: Alameda Mahatma Gandhi, Comunidade Hindu de Portugal
Opening hours: Tue-Sun noon-2.30pm & 7pm-9.30pm
Price: Up to €10
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