Toscana Casa de Pasto

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Toscana Casa de Pasto
Toscana Casa de Pasto - Peixe Espada Preto
Peixe Espada Preto da Toscana Casa de Pasto
Toscana Casa de Pasto

When it comes to charcoal cooked dishes, few restaurants work the grill as well as Toscana Casa de Pasto. The list of fresh fish is endless – from cod to white swordfish, from hake eggs to grouper head. On the meat side of the menu, the highlight is the “racket” - an XL veal rib –, but there is also “picanha” and “maminha” beef, and even grilled “alheira” sausages. The menu has its own dialect based on Portuguese inside jokes – ask the staff why potatoes are “à la Sá Pinto” or why black swordfish is a “Mantorras”.

Time Out tips:

– There is always a crowd with artists of all sorts (actors, musicians, politicians...).

– The wine comes in jars and, in the restaurant's patois, is known as the “charge”.

– Grilled tuna bellies are also usually on the menu.


Venue name: Toscana Casa de Pasto
Address: Rua do Sacramento a Alcântara, 72/76
Opening hours: Tue-Sat noon-3pm & 7pm-10pm
Price: Up to €20
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