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Door to door – Rua das Flores

You won't want to miss one of Lisbon’s historic streets

Fotografia: Arlindo Camacho

This famous street in Lisbon, it has become dotted with new businesses over the last two years. And we assure you they are worth a little visit. 

Door to door – Rua das Flores

Nº71 - BdMania

One of the few places in Lisbon where you can buy all sorts of comic books. The store is particularly good for ones from the US.

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Chiado/Cais do Sodré

Nº76-78 - Das Flores

An authentic Portuguese tasca that opens only at lunchtime, where you can sample the best of traditional local cuisine. Don’t miss the fried meat croquettes and pastéis de bacalhau (cod cakes).

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Nº70 - Landeau Chocolate

It makes a divine chocolate cake that Time Out Lisboa declared the city’s best after a blind taste test – and which you can buy here by the slice.

Nº41 - By the Wine

Precisely 3,267 (empty) wine bottles line the domed ceiling of this wine bar, which also serves cheeses, hams and sausages, and oysters.

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Nº64 - Queijaria

The place to overdose on cheeses. They come from all over the world and are sold whole, but can also be sampled in a side room.

Nº54 - Griffe HairStyle

Nº54 - Griffe HairStyle

Widely seen as one of Lisbon’s top hair salons, with staff who also do the business for the model that parade in the ModaLisboa fashion show.

Nº24 - Clockwork Store

Nº24 - Clockwork Store

A tattoo parlour whose staff have 20 years of experience, and where you can also pick up punk, hardcore and heavy metal CDs and vinyl, clothes and boots.