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Lisbon by... you choose

We know how hard it can be to trek up and down Lisbon’s seven hills. So here are some alternatives

Barco no rio Tejo
Fotografia: Arlindo Camacho

Whether you're visiting for the day, weekend or whole week, discover the best tours in Lisbon by tuk tuk, boat, segway, bicycle or helicopter.

Lisbon by... you choose


... tuk tuk

New Delhi and Bangkok are not the only capitals in the world where you can cover the ground in a hired three-wheeler. In Lisbon the traffic is not only much more civilised than in those cities, but there are attractions on every other corner. Tuk Tuk Lisboa is among companies offering various routes that enable you to enjoy views and major monuments without wearing out your shoe leather. 21 347 8103.

Rapaz a andar de bicicleta junto ao rio
Fotografia:Arlindo Camacho

... bicycle

Lisbon actually has more than seven hills, but that is no reason not to pedal around parts of it, especially if the bicycle has a little motor to help out on the steeper slopes. Rent a Fun organises various guided tours around the city. One of the nicest ones starts out at sunset and continues on well into the night. 91 756 7626.

segway offer

... Segway

It might take you a little while to get the knack of it, but then it is just a matter of smoothly gliding around the city. Lisbon by Segway organises various guided trips, including the Delicious Tour, which includes stops to sample some of the city’s top tastes, and the river-hugging Sailor Tour. 21 096 5030.

Lisbon Helicopters
©Andre Garcez

... helicopter

If you fancy seeing palaces and castles, beaches and bridges all from the air then board a helicopter and overfly the city. Lisbon Helicopters has eight different routes to choose from for those who want an experience far from the madding crowd. 21 301 1794.

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