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More than a residence: a community

There's a whole community waiting for you in Lisbon

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One of the most exciting parts of university or getting a job in a new city is the journey of living on your own. But this step is as exciting as it is challenging. Finding the right home is one of the first (and biggest) hardships, especially in big cities that are only tending to get bigger. Then, there’s the added dilemma of being alone in the city and how making friends isn’t as easy as it was when we were all grouped together in the same class room. But don’t worry, there’s a whole community waiting for you – and the living arrangements aren’t too shabby either. 

Haaaave you met Nido?

Nido is an award-winning international Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) operator, with over a decade of knowledge in providing the highest quality living experience for both domestic and international students. Currently with 24 residences across the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Denmark, its main objective is to create conditions for students to be at their best, caring for their mental and physical well-being whilst promoting the creation of student communities. Here in Portugal, the first residence is Nido Campo Pequeno, which opened in September 2022 and was such a hit it had full occupancy for the first half of the year.  

And not to belittle other European cities, but Lisbon really takes the cake if you are looking for a place to study. The sunlight hitting the colourful buildings, the music coming out of the Fado houses, the youth taking over the streets – and bringing new fashion trends to one of the oldest European capitals – the viewpoints inviting to drinks with friends at the end of the day or the riverbank, perfect for a stroll after a day of class. There’s no writers block for university essays when there’s a city like this for inspiration. 

Anyone who has never visited Lisbon will be truly amazed by the welcome of the city, the unbelievable gastronomy and the friendliness of the locals. Oh! A good wine and a “pastel de nata” are absolutely necessary if you want to be a true local, as well as taking advantage of the many nearby beaches, just a train ride away. This city offers you the best of many worlds, a combination of culture, nightlife, cosmopolitan spirit, beach and nature.  

Can’t wait to make it oficial? Nido Campo Pequeno is accepting reservations (prices start at 650€/month) for the second semester and you will be able to "visit" the residence through a virtual tour, to choose your room, or go to the residence personally to see everything that awaits you.

Facilities designed for you

Nido residences have been revolutionising the traditional image of student accommodation by putting the focus on the community, wellbeing and sustainability. All rooms/studios are en-suite, so you don't need to worry about sharing bathrooms. Additionally, residents have access to wonderful common spaces such as a 24/7 gym, a yoga room, a cinema room, private dining room, study spaces, terraces and more. Picture those dreamy residences from American movies, now bring it all the way over to Portugal, include some modern touches, a beautiful city backdrop and a whole lot of in-house activities. That’s Nido for you.

Plenty of activities to choose from

The residence was developed with the students' well-being in mind, and all the initiatives and activities are also designed considering their development and enjoyment as well. Therefore, in previous years, Nido has promoted initiatives linked to raising awareness and consciousness about mental health, partnership with Technogym, to provide quality gym equipment, games and cinema rooms, nooks for "me-time", painting classes and parties, activities and DJ's.

As you can see, there will always be something going on and the days will never be the same. Ready to join an unforgettable adventure? 


. What types of accommodation can I choose?

There are several:

- Ensuite rooms, with private bathroom and shared kitchen 

- Studios, with private bathroom and kitchen.

. When can I make my reservation?

Nido Campo Pequeno is now accepting reservations for the second semester.

. What are the prices?

Prices for ensuites start at 650€/month and studios at 760€/month.

. How can I make a reservation?

Nido tries to make booking an easy process for you. Here are the steps you can take when you're ready to book:

- Find your perfect room on their website

- Select your specific room on the floor map

- Click ‘book now’

Or you can speak to the residence team if you need help or guidance.

. What type of contracts are there?

When booking online, make sure to check both the duration of the contract and the cancellation policy before hitting the confirmation button.

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