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Pastelaria Suíça (re)writes the city's history

It's a historical landmark that Lisbon saw fade away, and is now ready to create new memories. With the opening just a few days away, Atelier Time Out went to discover what's new at Pastelaria Suíça.

Time Out & Pastelaria Suíça

Pastelaria Suíça was, for years, a meeting point and a historical landmark in the capital. Now, by the hands of Primefood, it's back in Praça da Figueira - this time at number 5 C - for a reinterpretation of the house that united generations.

From the old Pastelaria Suíça, some remember the dual entrance – the one that led to the comical "I'm at the entrance, but I can't see you." "Me too!" –, some recall the inviting terrace for long afternoons of conversation, and some miss the cakes. So many cakes!

Unable to reopen exactly in the same location, the concern from the outset was to keep the location in Praça da Figueira, to restore its brand and historical significance. Nevertheless, all the history transfers to the new space: in a smaller shop, but with a generous storefront and a spacious terrace, all the delicacies that made Pastelaria Suíça famous are present. Inside, there is a tile panel representing the city, by Viúva Lamego. The walls are adorned with images of Lisbon from the 60s and 70s, and prominently displayed is a photograph of the old Pastelaria Suíça.

The architecture itself and the decorative details bring a distinctly classic atmosphere with lines and details that are deeply contemporary. In a new space begins a journey into the past with eyes set on the future, with the guarantee of an impeccable offering full of flavor. Discover all the must-haves for an adventure through the window of the new Pastelaria Suíça and whet your appetite in the photo gallery.

Flavour has a new address

The tradition of Pastelaria Suíça returns with strength, paying homage to the old house and maintaining the quality that generations were accustomed to. The establishment will have its own production – which means that, in addition to the taste, there's always the inviting aroma of the bakery – and brings back classics such as Duchesse, Esquimó, Tíbia, Babá, and Russo. Traditional Portuguese pastry is also well represented, with delicacies like the Mil-folhas, Bola de Berlim, Palmier and Queques, among others.

Did you know that Pastelaria Suíça was responsible for importing the French croissant to Portugal? Alongside great classics of Portuguese pastry, international gastronomic trends also maintain a prominent place: French croissants with new formats, Éclairs, Paris-Brest and other sweet references are featured in the display.

Other contemporary gastronomic trends also find space here, with light meals such as focaccias, quiches or savory snacks. Now, Pastelaria Suíça becomes a meeting point not only for breakfasts and snacks, but also for light lunches. In every meal, the promise is easy to fulfill: a combination of flavors that you'll want to experience again.

Journey back in time

Who remembers the shoe-shiner, a regular presence for a long time on the bakery's terrace? One could argue that he became one of the symbols of the space and, as such, could not be left out of this reinterpretation. Honoring the bakery's past and one of the oldest professions in the downtown area, there is now a sculpture of Mr. Vasco on the terrace, representing all the shoe-shiners of the past and present. It is both a tribute and a personification of Pastelaria Suíça's commitment. After all, Mr. Vasco embodies excellence, passion, care for the customer and the commitment to a unique experience.

From the past to the present, Pastelaria Suíça promises a sweet, very sweet future.

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