The 100 best romantic movies: how many have you seen?

Find out how many of our soppy flicks you’ve watched


Let’s face it: when confronted with a list of great movies, we always start mentally ticking off how many we’ve already seen. Well, now you can literally tick off how many you’ve already watched, and we’ll tot up your total for you to share. For what it's worth, the average score on our digital team was 32. (Of course, our film team have seen all one hundred... twice.)

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Vergesst E

I wonder what the voters have smoked before choosing some of the entries. The Fly? Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? Vertigo? (who'd prefer this kind of romance, I wonder?) On the other hand a classic like Breakfast At Tiffany's, probably most people's #1, only on 39? And romantic gems are missing like Truly Madly Deeply, Only You, Love Actually, Roxanne, Chances Are ...

Michelle L

What a joke! The fly is on here, but it's missing great romantics like: The Blue Lagoon, Legend. Natural Born Killers, The Princess Bride, 50 First Dates, Forrest Gump, Running On Empty, Splash, and even The Sound of Music! I can't possibly name them all, and I know that 100 slots isn't enough for anyone, but this list was weak... 

keith parnell

no list with an adam sandler movie amongst romantic movies can be taken serious. the fly? who compiled this and what drugs were they on


Are we to assume the WEEKEND here is Andrew Haigh's, and not Jean-Luc Godard's? I'd think so but then there are, as others have said, some pretty weird choices here. SECRETARY?


This is without a doubt the weirdest "romantic movies" list I have ever seen... Don't get me wrong, I LOVE "Let the Right One in", but while the relationship between Eli and Oscar is definitely cute, I would never classify that movie has a "romantic movie"...


Harold & Maud Totally brilliant !!! Been in my top ten for years - check it out one and all and if ya wanna be high - be high and if ya wanna be low - be low

roz mercer

Very poor list. Where is Mayerllng, Sommersby, Far from the Madding Crowd, Nights at Rodanthe, Dragonfly, loads not here.


The Fly? Pierrot le Fou? Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? Flippin eck, Tucker!


Some incredibly poor choices (Romeo & Juliet and Luhrman's, not Zefforelli's). And you left out The Earrings of Madame D..., Smiles of a Summer Night, La Ronde, Elvira Madigan, Cabaret, Rebecca, Pride and Prejudice, WUTHERING HEIGHTS. And you don't list which versions of a movie or what movie a choice is (Weekend). A not well thought out list.


Some of these are a real stretch. Does the definition of romantic mean "movies that have scenes where one character slightly gives a monkeys about another character"?


many unexpected winners here, also some horrible junk. some of the best movies here can hardly be considered romantic. i mean..whos afraid of virginia woolf - are you kidding? as far as lists go, this is a fairly compelling one.


There are a few greats missing though!


Wow - can't believe I've only seen 50 of these. Great list: love that The Fly is on there.