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The 100 best comedy movies: how many have you seen?

See how many of the all-time greatest comedy movies you’ve seen with our chuckle-filled checklist

‘What are the best comedy movies of all time?’ That’s the simple question we posed to almost one hundred comedians, writers, actors and movie experts. Thousands of suggestions later, we assembled the results into a list of the top 100 funny movies ever made – find out how many you’ve seen with our checklist below, and share your titter-inducing total with your friends. Enjoy!

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The best comedy movies, 1-10, This Is Spinal Tap
The best comedy movies, 11-20, Anchorman
The best comedy movies, 21-30, Tootsie
The best comedy movies, 31-40, The General
The best comedy movies, 41-50, Napoleon Dynamite
The best comedy movies, 51-60, Clueless
The best comedy movies, 61-70, A Fish Called Wanda
The best comedy movies, 71-80, As Good As It Gets
The best comedy movies, 81-90, Superbad
The best comedy movies, 91-100, There's Something About Mary
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Laughter in Paradise, Green For Danger, School for Scoundrels- and that's just Alastair Sim films!

Not much English stuff - the Ladykillers, Kind Hearts and Coronets, the Lavender Hill Mob, Passport to Pimlico- and that's just Ealing from about 10 years....

Shelly R

SERIOUSLY???? This list was definitely made by a room full of morons who don't know what the word "comedy" means! 
Where the freak is Get him to the Greek, This is the end, Let's be cops, Horrible bosses, We're the Millers, 21 and 22 Jump Street,  Big Daddy, Billy Maddison, Grown-ups,  Fun with Dick and Jane, Bruce Almighty, Liar Liar and almost any other Adam Sandler or Jim Carey movie ever made?

Dante B

How did the dunderheads who compiled this list manage to omit "The 40-Year-Old Virgin"?!?

david n

How do you not have Caddyshack in the top 100 comedy movies of all time? 

Esda D

Wow, I don't even need 2 minutes and I can think of several that should be on this list...

National Lampoon's Vacation / Christmas Vacation / Vegas Vacation

Super Troopers

Caddyshack (seriously... this is top 5 stuff here)

The Naked Gun series

Euro Trip

Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Spaceballs (really, only 1 Mel Brooks movie in this list?)

The Hangover

BliZZarD S

@Esda D Comedy is a very subjective matter but I agree with you. Also I don't understand how films like "Pulp Fiction" or "Toy Story" are on the list.

Laura C

@BliZZarD S @Esda D Toy Story I get. Pulp Fiction has it's funny moments, but top 100 comedies? Probably not when there are so many comedies that didn't make the list!

Tom H

@BliZZarD S @Esda D WTF is Pulp Fiction doing on this list...it is not a comedy as great as it is, it has comedic moments but no way is it top100...

Vincent .

I'd like to find the person(s) who compiled this list, because I'd bump between 12 and 20 of these more recent films for pre-World War II comedies, movies that will far more stand the test of time than many of your frankly ephemeral selections. This is similar to one of those "all-time top 300" surveys Top 40 stations used to hold, where invariably at least 90 percent of the survey consisted of songs within the past several years.

Let's note some of the actors and directors completely omitted from this list: Carole Lombard, William Powell, Myrna Loy, Jean Harlow, Claudette Colbert, Clark Gable, Harold Lloyd and Ernst Lubitsch. (Billy Wilder would be aghast his mentor Lubitsch is absent -- and, oh by the way, Wilder's  "The Apartment" is from 1960, not 1955.). And now, just a few of the films that didn't make the cut: "It Happened One Night," "My Man Godfrey," "The Shop Around The Corner," "Libeled Lady," "Girl Shy," "Twentieth Century," "Show People," "The Miracle of Morgan's Creek," "The Lady Eve," the original "To Be Or Not To Be," ."Safety Last!" and "Ninotchka." At least you didn't include the terribly overrated "Bringing Up Baby."

Rock G

@Vincent . If you double check, I believe you'll find both Safety Last & It Happened One Night on the list.

Noel S

If you think these are all comedies and are the top 100 best comedies then you don't watch many movies and have the sense of humor of a guard at a death camp.  If I had the time and was so inclined I could list at least a dozen movies that are better then half of those you listed and that is without thinking on the matter.  Some of these movies were not worth the film they were printed on and only provoke a laugh from fools.

Duke D

I so agree....If I were to remove all the movies from the list that I turned off after 5 minutes, there would be only half of them left.