How many of our 100 best movies of all time have you seen?

Actors from around the world helped us come up with the top 100 films in the history of cinema—have you seen a majority?

Over 70 actors gave us their personal top ten favorite movie titles to collectively build our list of the 100 best movies of all time. Now it's time to see how you compare. Have you seen The Turin Horse, which falls in the top three of Oscar winner Juliette Binoche's list? Do you agree with Michael C. Hall's favorites To Kill a Mockingbird or the modern classic Goodfellas? Find out how high you score in the below checklist—and get to watching the movies you've been missing out on!

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The 100 best movies of all time
The 100 best movies of all time
The 100 best movies of all time
The 100 best movies of all time
The 100 best movies of all time
The 100 best movies of all time
The 100 best movies of all time
The 100 best movies of all time
The 100 best movies of all time
The 100 best movies of all time
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The world’s leading actors pick the best movies of all time, including comedies, thrillers, blockbusters and classics

By: Time Out Film


Martin F

90. tootsie is an excellent comedy, but having it as number one reflects the profession of the people involved more than anything.

Adhiraj A

Where the hell is Forrest Gump?!?

Gemma S

Love actually is on there - are you kidding me!!

Ayo N

This is a joke, right? "Actors from around the world" have voted on this?? It's mostly actors from the UK and US!! Enough said about the choices.

nick s

i've never seen tootsie before but i'm sure its not the greatest movie of all time smh

Dylan W

If you have never seen it how do you know

david w

I have seen all 100 but it is a strange Haine? jaws? the goonies? Tootsie? Love actually? annie hall? there are so many great movies left out.

david w

my top 20

1) Chinatown

2) Dances with Wolves

3) Jean de Florette/ Manon of the spring

4) Last picture show

5) to kill a mockingbird

6) Godfather1 /2

7) Wiz of Oz

8) Bound for Glory

9) Grapes of wrath

10) Good will hunting

11) Seven Samurai

12) Bonnie and Clyde

13) MASH

14) The Informer

15) Night will come

16) Barry Lyndon

17) on the waterfront

18) One flew over the cuckoos next

19) The Little foxes

20) Days of Heaven
rick t

Lawrence of Arabia should be up there. Also the following:

Maltese Falcon

2001: A Space Odyssey

It's A Wonderful Life

Apocalypse Now

Infernal Affairs


Singin' in the Rain

Glen M

Seen 54 of them and I agree they have missed some very good movies off of this list.

Lawrence of Arabia


Saving Private Ryan

High Noon

12 Angry Men

The Usual Suspects

The list is endless.

Of the 54 I have seen I would probably take at least 10 off the list Boogie Nights, the Shining, Annie Hall.

Some have artistic merit like Citizen Kane but will I watch them more than twice, which is one of the reasons I would put movies on this list. Something so good that I can watch it over and over again and still enjoy it.

Now one that will get some people talking but if you have seen it and understand it you would agree should be here is V for Vendetta.

Fred T

Lawrence of Arabia ??? The good the bad and the ugly ??? Once upon in the West ?? The man who wanted to be king ??? I am sure I forgot much more like Blade Runner


My list. A welcome escape from Hollywood?

1) Solaris (Andrei Tarkovsky)

2) 2001: A Space Odyssey

3) Irreversible

4) The Hourglass Sanatorium

5) Gozu

6) Paprika (Satoshi Kon)

7) Peeping Tom

8) City of God

9) Bladerunner

10) Funny Games

Jimmy J

I've seen 59 and Whiplash is the only one out of those I hadn't seen 10 years ago. Obviously impossible since it came out last year but wow, sure don't watch as many movies as I used to.