Grace & Ritual: Hidden Mother's Day art show

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Grace & Ritual: Hidden Mother's Day art show
Photograph: Courtesy Grace & Ritual: Hidden

Skip the frilly brunches and make this Mother's Day an empowering one by exploring iam8bit art gallery's all-female "Grace & Ritual: Hidden" exhibition. Alright, maybe don't skip brunch entirely, but at least pencil in the exhibition's opening night. Showcasing the work of 33 female artists from the world over, Grace & Ritual begs onlookers to consider concepts of "the hidden, the secret and the under-observed" in a modern culture that encourages extreme overexposure (read: selfies). The eclectic range of work confronts topics from vulnerable self-inquiry to whimsical fantasy through a variety of mediums, including photography, light installation and even crochet (we did mention it was all women, didn't we?).


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