The Myth of Man vs. The Machine

Nightlife Free
[de]-lusions of Grandeur: The Myth of Getting it Right the First Time (after Alexander Calder)
Photograph Courtesy of the Artist and Redling Fine Art

Check out Level 3 of the Broad Contemporary Art Museum (at LACMA) where artist Liz Glynn presents her third installment of the five part [de]-lusions of Grandeur cycle. She incorporates Richard Serra's sculptures Band and Inverted House of Cards (which has only been on view at LACMA once before) into her performance. It’s a meditation on the efforts involved in creating and assembling large scale sculpture and you get to be part of the art—by moving a pile of sandbags equivalent to the weight of the 213 metric ton outside of the building. Still not sure what the heck this performance is about? Check it out for yourself on October 19.

By: Natalie Chudnovsky