Tom Paiva: Loss—The LA Auto Dealership Series

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Tom Paiva: Loss - The LA Auto Dealership Series
Photograph: Tom Paiva, Photo courtesy MOPLA

This official Month of Photography Los Angeles exhibition, housed in MOPLA's pop-up gallery (727 S Spring St), finds the art in the everyday and oft-ignored sights of the city. On main exhibit will be photographer Tom Paiva's work. Inspired by an LA Times article about the state of local auto dealers, Paiva started to capture closed and abandoned new car dealerships with an 8x10 camera and color film to depict the effects of the recession. Also on display, in the Special Projects Room, will be a complementary exhibit: Stephen Weissberger's MysteriaLA will shed light on "the unseen Los Angeles" that gets overlooked while going about our daily lives. The combined exhibition will run through April 30.