Robert Mondavi Dinner at Rivera Restaurant

 (Photograph: Anne Fishbein)
Photograph: Anne FishbeinFilet mignon with chayote chutney, tomatoes with chocolate onion sauce
 (Photograph: Anne Fishbein)
Photograph: Anne FishbeinBacon and eggs with toast and jelly
 (Photograph: Anne Fishbein)
Photograph: Anne Fishbein

John Sedler, head chef at Rivera Restaurant, honors the late Robert Mondavi hailed “father of the American wine industry” with a five course dinner paired with Mondavi wines. This month long celebration comes in at a hefty sum, ($150 per person) but the sophisticated global menu warrant the price tag - bacon and eggs, salmon mousse tamal, scallops with french green lentils, cactus pear granite, filet mignon with chayote chutney and neon tumbleweed. The dinner features his famous Fumé Blanc, Chardonnay Reserve, Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve and Sauvignon Blanc Late Harvest Botrytis - a true tribute to a man who put Napa Valley vineyards on the map.

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