BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS board game competition

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Tony's Darts Away
Photo courtesy Tony's Darts Away

Sometimes being an adult is really fun—like, when it suddenly becomes acceptable, encouraged even, to play board games all day, while drinking beer and chowing down on a greasy breakfast feast. We're referring to the Breakfast of Champions board game competition hosted by Tony's Darts Away. Starting at 10:30am on July 27 and 28, teams of two will compete round-robin style in randomly selected board games, including Connect4, Battleship, Chutes & Ladders and Jenga. A special menu of breakfast burritos, chilaquiles and more will keep gamers energized throughout each battle. The finals are August 3, when the winner will be crowned and presented with a slew of beer-centric prizes. Participation in the competition is free (grub not included), but there's only room for 8 teams of two. Contact ASAP to secure your spot.

Event phone: 818-253-1710