La Latina Pincho Week 2014

From May 29 to June 8, get a pincho and a beer for just €2.50 in the best bars in La Latina!

Pincho del bar La Rosa

Tell your friends and make no other plans this week because from May 29 to June 8 the bars of La Latina will be part of a pinchos event so delicious you won't want to leave the neighbourhood until you've tried them all. The most popular spots in the Cava Baja, the Cava Alta and the squares in the area offer up their best culinary creations, both traditional and with a modern twist, to enjoy with a nice cold beer, for just €2.50!

In addition to filling your boots, you can vote for the best pincho and be entered in the drawing for a tablet, and you could win a dinner for two in Taberna Arzábal just by sharing a photo of your favourite pincho on the Gastronosfera Facebook page. Find out which of the 37 participating bars will win the prize for the best pincho, and the one that best pairs up with the Estrella Damm beer that accompanies each tasty morsel.

Ten must-try pinchos

La Tournée

Seatrout tartar with bread and house-made olive paté

Ingredients: 'Glass bread' ciabatta, marinated seatrout and black olive paté.

La Latina

El Escaldón

Almogrote cheese vol-au-vent

Ingredients: Almogrote cheese paté, a speciality of La Gomera in the Canary Islands.


El Estragón

Piquillo peppers in tempura stuffed with vegetable brandade

Ingredients: Red piquillo peppers stuffed with potato, pumpkin, courgette and mixed lightly cooked vegetables seasoned with parsley, and with battered with flour, without egg.

La Latina

Emma y Júlia

'Ropa vieja' carnarole rice ball

Ingredients: Carnarole rice, veal strips ('ropa vieja'), assorted peppers with peas, saffron and tempura breadcrumbs.

La Latina


Bonito sandwich

Ingredients: Bonito marinated in soya with mango vinaigrette and masago (capelin roe) on toast.

La Latina

Taberna Según Emma

Focaccia with Barbate tuna and citrus

Ingredients: Barbate tuna fillet in oil on a bed of candied red peppers topped with bean sprouts and lime vinaigrette served on focaccia bread.



Ferrarini Toast

Ingredients: Toast with Italian Ferrarini mortadella sausage, rocket, parmesan and white truffle oil.

La Latina

Viuda de Vacas

Aubergine tempura with salmorejo

Ingredients: Aubergine in tempura with a sauce made of salmorejo (a type of cold tomato soup).

La Latina