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Miami skyline
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Is Miami still a great place to live? Help us find out.

Take our short Time Out Index survey and tell us why you love living here.

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Time Out Miami editors

There’s no better city in the world than Miami...right? It’s why, in part, we spend hours poring over what makes our city tick, culling through the top Miami restaurants and delving deep into Miami nightlife to bring you all that’s great and wonderful about our fair city. 

From London to Paris, Los Angeles to Tokyo and Mexico City to Melbourne, Time Out has always celebrated the magic of cities. Now, as we do every year, we want to work out how that magic happens. How exactly do we do that?

Meet the Time Out Index, our investigation into the reality of city living today. We want to discover what makes cities great, how city-dwellers feel about their hometown, and which are the best neighborhoods right now for going out, having fun and living city life to the full. In previous years, thousands of you informed us that Miami is hungover, horny and generally pretty happy; and that Wynwood is our city’s coolest neighborhood. Thanks to you, we also learned that Miami’s most iconic food is the Cuban sandwich

So much has changed since we last checked in with you, which makes this year’s survey all that more important. This is your chance to tell us all about your life in Miami—and don’t be afraid to get specific. What are the most overrated neighborhoods? Which dish truly defines our city? How much takeout and delivery did you really order in 2020?

Help us learn more about life in Miami by taking just a few minutes to complete the Time Out Index survey. It’s short and fully anonymous, so be honest! And once you’re done, we’ll reveal how you *truly* feel about your city. Who knows? You might be more in love with Miami than you thought. 

Take the Time Out Index survey!

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