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Photograph: ADINAYEV

Miami nightlife: your complete guide

Ready to party, Miami? Our nightlife guide spans the hottest clubs, sexiest lounges, gorgeous rooftops and more.

Falyn Wood
Written by
Falyn Wood

Miami nightlife is constantly in flux, but if there’s one fact we can always count on, it’s that this city knows how to turn up. Nightclubs in Miami—even the most legendary of them—have a tendency to close down. Notorious party neighborhoods migrate or evolve into something else entirely. And the best bars in Miami look completely different today than they did just five years ago. That’s part of the beauty of our Magic City: Even when you’re not looking for the best things to do in Miami, they have a funny way of finding you—and surprising you.

But if you’d rather not take your chances, take it from us. We’ve been standing in lines outside Miami clubs for longer than we’d like to admit (and yes, seeking out any and all possible avenues to avoid standing in said lines). If it’s the best nightlife in Miami you seek, we’re here to lay it all out for you. Below, find our comprehensive guide to Miami nightlife, spanning everything from rooftop bars to strip clubs and everything in between.

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The best Miami nightlife